Smash Bros Club hosts first official tournament

Liberal Arts majors Sebastian Starnes and Sean Sanders enjoy playing Smash Bros. as the new club after having its first meeting, on Sep. 27. Photo by Emily Baker, staff photographer

JCCC’s Smash Bros Club hosted their first meeting as an official club on Sept. 28, with 30 members in attendance. Smash Bros Club plans tournaments for Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart and other games popular in eSports. 

The Smash Bros Club was originally a group that met last year in the Student Lounge. Students would meet to play Super Smash Bros and form a community through gaming. The club was formally approved by the Student Senate on Sept. 12, granting the organization access to request funding for events.

Smaller video game tournaments will not always be the focus of future events. 

“I want to host an event where the top ten players coach other players and play doubles, where two people against two people,” club President Matt Rinaman said.  

Most of the participants in the tournament found out about the club through their experience in the student lounge, according to Andrew Pearson, a student who attended the tournament.

“I walked into The Student Lounge and there were two people playing Smash Bros,” Pearson said. “I joined in and learned about the tournament.”

The Smash Bros Club meets every Tuesday in the Co-Lab from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Students must bring their own controller. The Smash Bros Club streams their events via Twitch, and their schedule can be found here

Arthur Newby, staff reporter



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