JCCC night at the Nelson, is back!

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JCCC is hosting Night at the Nelson on April 14, 2023 from 6-8 pm, for the first time since 2019.

JCCC Night at the Nelson is a free event where students and the community learn and talk about select works of art in the Nelson museum’s collection. JCCC Professor of Arts Alison Smith said, “I hope students are motivated to go to this event and that it reminds them of the joy and beauty that art gives their lives. We are very fortunate to have a museum that is free and open to everyone. We have a Caravaggio painting that is one of 5 in the country.”

Smith said that there have been as many as 750 attendees in the past.

“The more people there are, the more energy and excitement there will be,” said Smith. For this year’s event there will be 21 speakers with whom attendees can talk and ask questions about the pieces of art.

Amid talks discussing the cutting of funding for arts departments in schools, Smith disagreed, “JCCC’s motto is to create life-long learners and art is one of the most impactful subjects you can study.”

Smith recommends arriving to the event early since it is expected that attendance will be high. “I would encourage students to attend. Art is a rejuvenating experience,” Smith said.

Jhoab Orta, student reporter

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