College Scholars Program

Deadline: March 31

The College Scholars Program showcases faculty excellence in research fields that go beyond the classroom to make scholarly contributions to knowledge within the Professor’s academic discipline. Successful applicants deliver two public presentations and receive a handsome stipend upon demonstrating evidence of expertise within their disciplines and relevance to the topic being proposed.

For more details about the award and application, see the College Scholars application.

2019 Recipients
Daniel Cryer
Tai Edwards
Dawn Gale
Tonia Hughes
2018 Recipients
Terri Easley-Giraldo
Mark Harvey
James Leiker
Jeffery Oden
2017 Recipients
Darrick Taylor
Melaine Harvey
Heather Seitz
Jay Antle
Deborah Williams
2016 Recipients
Doug Harvey
Stephanie Sabato
2015 Recipients
Mark Cowardin
Patrick Dobson
Terri Easley
Deborah Williams