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Mandatory Training

Compliance Training

Board Policy 422.02 states that mandatory training must be completed by all new employees within 90 calendar days of their hire date.  All current employees must complete mandatory training every fiscal year. Employees are  automatically enrolled in the training. A registration confirmation email which includes how to access the training is sent to the employee’s JCCC email address.

Failure to complete training required under this policy is just cause for progressive discipline.

Training is available online 24/7 in SafeColleges (https://jccc-ks.safecolleges.com) from any computer with an internet connection. Use Chrome or Edge in its most recent version to avoid functionality issues. You will need your Employee ID number (00xxxxxx) to log in to the system.

ALiCE Training

At JCCC, we believe in Keeping Our People Safe (KOPS) and that training over what to do in an armed intruder situation is important to keeping everyone safe while on campus. All new employees are required to take ALiCE training.

The information regarding ALiCE training will be sent from our Emergency Management department, and the email you receive will come from noreply@mg.alicetraining.com. Please check your junk mail folder, as it might end up there.
If you have problems accessing ALICE training, please contact the office of Emergency Preparedness at ext. 3708.


Click here to see the upcoming schedule for all orientations.

New Employee Orientation must be completed within 90 days of hire by all new employees. It is a one day session for non-teaching staff members. Place ZORN in the search box on the Staff Development Class Search page for the current term course numbers needed to register.

New Supervisor Orientation must be completed within 90 days of hire for those hired in as a supervisor or within 90 days for current employees assuming a supervisory position. Place ZORN in the search box at the Staff Development Class Search page for dates and times of upcoming sessions.

For information about Faculty orientations, click HERE.

Hiring Committee Training

As a prerequisite to serving on a campus hiring committee, an employee and non-employee will be required to have completed hiring committee training at least once within 12 months prior to the hiring committee assignment. Failure to complete the hiring committee training as required by this policy will disqualify the individual from participating on the hiring committee assignment.

*Beginning July 1, 2023, Hiring Committee Training will be available in SafeColleges 24/7 from any computer with an Internet connection under Suggested Trainings. To access the training:

  • Log into MyJCCC
  • Click on SafeColleges in the gray JCCC links box
  • Scroll down on the page to Suggested Trainings
  • Click on JCCC Hiring Committee Training to launch the course

Bloodborne Pathogen Training

The Bloodborne Pathogen Training Program is required for full-time and part-time employees with risk of actual or occasional exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials. If you are required to take this training, you will be notified by your supervisor or department and assigned the module in your “Required Courses” within the SafeColleges training system.

Approved Driver

Per the Approved College Driver SOP, all individuals who drive on behalf of JCCC must be an approved driver. Any employee with driving as a part of their job is to required to have their driver’s license and MVR (motor vehicle record) verified on an annual basis, in alignment with the JCCC Mandatory Training timeline.  JCCC uses a third party vendor, Validity Screening Solutions, to complete this verification.  Be watching for an e-mail invitation from Validity Screening Solutions requesting that you access their site and provide the needed information so that the verification of your driver’s license and MVR can be completed.

Approved Drivers must also complete the following on-line driver training modules.

  • “Defensive Driving (18 minutes)”
  • “Distracted Driving (12 minutes)”
  • “Utility Cart Safety (17 minutes)” – If you will be driving golf carts, gators or similar vehicles.
  • “15 Passenger Van Safety (19 minutes)” – If you will be driving a larger van (11-12 passenger)
  • “Van Safety (22 minutes)” – If you will be driving a mini-van.

These on-line training modules are available through SafeColleges.  The SafeColleges Training site is now available through MyJCCC in the JCCC Links box using single sign-on (SSO).   Be sure to complete all sections of each module as well as the quiz to receive your certificate of completion. When completed, you may submit your certificates of completion to your personal auto insurance carrier for possible premium discounts.

Forklift Training

Any employee in proximity to a forklift as a part of their job is required to successfully complete the NSC Lift Truck Operation Training Program every three years.

An online version of the course is available through Canvas. To register, use CRN 30054

JCCC Youth Programming: Child Abuse and Acknowledgement

Youth programs at JCCC are those programs serving participants ages 17 and under who are not accompanied by a responsible adult (parent, guardian, chaperone). These procedures apply to all youth programs except for minors enrolled in traditional credit and non-credit classes, the HCDC and Driver’s Education. As a driver’s education class site, JCCC is an agent of the state of Kansas and is permitted to employ only state certified instructors. Each youth program is unique, however all share the following requirements:

  • Mandatory background checks for all employees and volunteers working directly with the students
  • Mandatory training for all employees, volunteers and any other individual working directly with the students
    • Harassment training
    • Safety and Security training
    • Identifying/reporting abuse
    • CPR / AED / First Aid / BBP
  • Written detailed instructions for participant drop off and pick up including location, location supervision, check-in and check-out process and parent/guardian contact information.
  • Procedures for handling accident, incident and student conduct issues
  • Programs that provide lunch and/or snacks need to address preparation for and response to participant food allergies
  • Emergency response procedures for the program coordinated with the Director of Emergency Preparedness

All programs shall provide an orientation for participants to include, but not limited to:

  • Program rules and regulations
  • Participants conduct and discipline procedure
  • Participants are to remain with instructor and/or volunteer at all times
  • Program security
  • Emergency response procedures (weather, evacuation, etc.)
  • Instructions for reporting injuries, illnesses, hazards or any other concerns