Fall 2019 Professional Development Days (PDD)

The schedule for Fall 2019 Professional Development Days (PDD) is now available! Check the calendar link often for any updates and room changes. Sessions are organized around different topic tracks, which can be sorted on the calendar:  Teaching & Learning, Student Success, Employee Success, Technology Training, 50th Anniversary, and Campus & Safety. Registrations are encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome.

If you have any questions about the PDD schedule or registering, please contact Elaine Sinn at ext. 3655 in the office of Faculty Development.

Employee Engagement Survey Follow-Up Listening Sessions Scheduled

A conversation on results centering around listening and employee feedback.

Please join us at the following four available Follow-Up Listening Sessions for the 2019 Employee Engagement Survey results.
More details on the 2019 results can be found on our Employee Engagement Survey 2019 page.

Please register for the session you would like to attend by clicking the desired link below:

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