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Adjunct Certification Training


Please complete the Adjunct Certification Training  program application here and then click on the link below for this year’s schedule and instructions to enroll.

Adjunct Certification Training Schedule 2019-20

Instructions to enroll in the ACT Program

The Adjunct Certification Training (ACT) provides adjunct faculty with the tools and resources to assist them in becoming more effective educators in the classroom. Details on required and elective courses are available in the ACT Brochure and Schedule. Enrollment is limited to 30 participants per semester. Certification requires completion of the nine required modules and at least one elective module within a two-semester sequence, with the option to extend for one additional year. Upon completion of ACT, the adjunct will receive a one-time stipend of $800.

Upon completion of ACT, the adjunct instructor should be:

  • Cognizant of the college’s mission
  • Aware of policies and procedures of the academic branch
  • Comfortable in the college’s learning community
  • Equipped with more resources to enhance student learning in the classroom

All adjunct faculty members are encouraged to apply for ACT. Primary consideration will be given to adjunct faculty who have:

  • The recommendation of his/her academic director
  • Limited or no teaching experience

Don’t Cancel That Class!

If you have to miss a class for some reason (conference attendance, illness, etc.), you don’t have to cancel it. You can request a presentation about the different campus services and resources available to students.  We will do everything possible to cover your class, but please know that we cannot guarantee coverage with less than 48 hours notice.

Choose from one of the following:

Career Development Center
  • Summary of CDC services (15 mins)
  • Choosing a Major
  • Resume & Interviewing
  • LinkedIn
  • Know Your Type
  • Discover Your Strengths
Student Life
  • Real and Virtual Bullying
  • Who has your back- Be an Active Bystander
  • Stalking comes in many forms, shapes and sizes
  • What does consent mean in a relationship?
  • Title IX – What is it?
  • Tips with Personal Safety
  • ALICE – Active shooter training
  • Domestic Dating & Violence – I have this friend?
  • How to know if you have a Healthy Relationship
  • Drugs & Alcohol, use and miss-use
  • Suicide awareness and resources to help
  • Trauma – How do I know if I have been traumatized?
  • Human and Sex Trafficking exists on college campuses
  • Digital/Screen Addiction
  • Guest Talk on Sustainability
  • JCCC Green Building Tour
  • Location-Specific Tour
    • In the compost and recycling tours, you will learn about JCCC’s role in the circular economy and how we turn our “waste” into useful resources.
    • The Open Petal Farm and stormwater installation tours are recommended outside only in late spring, summer, and fall.
    • On the Farm tour, we talk generally about sustainable agriculture practices, the benefits of eating locally and in season, and soils health.
    • On the stormwater installation tour, we’ll talk about native plants, the outdoor built environment, and strategies for handing more intense rain events as we’ve had in the past year.
Small Business Development Center
College Success
  • General Study Skills Topics
    • Study tools
    • Notetaking
    • Test Preparation
    • Time Management
  • Foreign Language Study Strategies
  • Learning Strategies for Math
    • Notetaking in Math class
    • Test Preparation for Math
    • Solving Word Problems
Privilege Walk
Student Wellness
  • Get your class moving!
  • Classroom Relaxation Exercises
  • Get CavFit for success
  • Student Wellness Overview
  • Walk, Talk & Sit your way to being CavFit

Click here to schedule a presentation.



Kansas City Professional Development Council
Faculty Certification

KCPDC Faculty Certification is a program developed by the Kansas City Professional Development Council (KCPDC) to provide faculty with the tools and resources for becoming more effective in the classroom. Full-time and adjunct faculty who choose to complete the six core classes and an additional two elective offerings will receive a certificate for the successful completion of 24 hours of study.

Registration is FREE.

Further details are available on the KCPDC Faculty Development Program web page. You may also contact Farrell Hoy Jenab at extension 4756.

KCPDC Faculty Academy Fundamentals of Teaching Excellence


STARLINK provides professional development programming to colleges and universities via the Internet 24/7 and is available to all JCCC faculty and staff members. Please e-mail Farrell Hoy Jenab, Faculty Development Coordinator, or call ext 4756 to obtain login and password information. Topics are available online for two-week periods; then are available on a DVD that may be checked out from Farrell.

The League for Innovation iStream

The League’s Innovation Stream—more commonly known as iStream—is the League’s comprehensive, online resource bank in which faculty, staff, and administrators can find solutions for research and reference needs. An iStream subscription provides everyone at your college access to subscription-only professional resources, including:

  • Free webinars and learning programs
  • League books, monographs, articles, and reports, including all volumes of Leadership Abstracts and Learning Abstracts
  • Keynote and special session videos, and PowerPoint presentations from League conferences

iStream user accounts are available to all JCCC administration, faculty, and staff members. Users must have a valid institutional email address to activate an iStream account. Please click on the link below to create a user account or sign in.


New Faculty Orientation

New Faculty Orientation (also known as LENS) is a year-long program that acquaints new full-time faculty with JCCC history, culture, procedures, and instructional issues. Facilitators are Luz Alvarez, David Krug, and Farrell Hoy Jenab.


  • After completion of New Faculty Orientation, participants should have practical methods of:
  • Creating a positive learning environment
  • Developing learning outcomes and competencies
  • Selecting teaching and learning strategies
  • Enhancing teaching and learning using educational technologies
  • Developing classroom assessment for formative or summative purposes

In addition, the participants will be given opportunities to collaborate with each other in leading some of the activities and will share a strong sense of community with other first-year faculty members.


  • Week-long training prior to fall semester
  • Additional meetings during the fall and spring semesters
Mentoring and Peer Review

The purpose of the JCCC mentoring and peer review program is to acquaint new faculty members with opportunities and resources for their first year. Please attend an orientation session to learn how to have a successful mentoring relationship with a new faculty member or contact Farrell Hoy Jenab for more information.

Writing Across the Curriculum

These Writing Across the Curriculum resources will help you think about creative and effective ways to incorporate writing assignments into your courses at all levels and disciplines.