Your workgroup might be interested in Gallup CliftonStrengths. The strengths journey involves taking the CliftonStrengths assessment, engaging in discussion and activities with your colleagues and personal reflection on your talents and how to fully develop them to become strengths. Let us help you and members of your workgroup discover your individual top five talents and how to leverage them for maximum individual and team effectiveness.

It starts by taking the CliftonStrengths assessment. Out of 34 talent/theme options, your results will tell your top 5.

If you’re curious about the types of themes, click HERE for descriptions.   See if you can guess which ones might be in your top 5!

How CliftonStrengths Assessment Works

Theme Thursday Video Series

Take a deeper dive into your Strengths; Theme Thursday is a Gallup Strengths Center video event (via YouTube). CliftonStrengths Themes are the foundation of Strengths-based development. They give you a common language to discover your natural talents and understand and work better with others. Participants should bring a copy of their Signature Theme Report. Contact Susan Hoffman at ext. 3213 if you have not yet taken your Strengths test.

We will be covering two CliftonStrengths Themes each Thursday morning during the Spring Semester (20 – 25 minutes for each theme). You will be able to name your Theme, define it, and recognize how it shows up in your life. You will learn how your theme could hold you back as well as become aware of your blind spots. Discuss the role every Theme plays on a team and how you will be able to practice your Themes.

Registration is required. Click the links below in the Themes column to register for the session(s) you’d like to attend.

Date Themes Time Room
January 16 (PDD) Achiever & Activator 9-9:50am RC 145
January 16 (PDD) Adaptability &Analytical  2-2:50pm RC 145
January 23 Arranger & Belief 11am-12pm RC 175
January 30 Command & Communication 11am-12pm RC 175
February 6 Competition & Connectedness 11am-12pm RC 175
February 13 Consistency & Context 11am-12pm RC 175
February 20 Deliberative & Developer 11am-12pm RC 175
February 27 Discipline & Empathy 11am-12pm RC 175
March 5 Focus & Futuristic 11am-12pm RC 175
March 12 Harmony & Ideation 11am-12pm RC 175
Off during Spring Break
March 26 Includer & Individualization 11am-12pm RC 175
April 2 Input & Intellection 11am-12pm RC 175
April 9 Learner & Maximizer 11am-12pm RC 175
April 16 Positivity & Relator 11am-12pm RC 175
April 23 Responsibility & Restorative 11am-12pm RC 175
April 30 Self-Assurance & Significance 11am-12pm RC 175
May 7 Strategic & Woo 11am-12pm RC 175


For additional information on CliftonStrengths, please contact Susan Hoffman at ext. 3213 or email