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Special Grant

FY24 funds are no longer available. The allotted fiscal year funds have been spent for the current year. If traveling after July 1, you are welcome to submit an application for FY25 funding.

Special Grant funding is available as an alternate source of funds for professional and personal development for JCCC full- and part-time faculty and full-time staff. Funds are available on a first come first serve basis. Once the allocated yearly amount has been met, the committee will no longer be able to review applications.

Grant Type


Conference Presentation–up to $1,000 Presenter for a specific session at a conference.
Conference Attendance–up to $800 (Full-time faculty NOT eligible)
Specialized Training–up to $1,500 Training for new skills which result in continuing education hours, certification, or licensure

Apply here:  Special Grant Application

When you access the application, download it to fill out.

Submit application to: Staff Development within HR, GEB 262, Box 46 or email staffdev.dept@jccc.edu.


The Special Grant Committee will vote on the applications the week following the application deadlines, listed below:

8.20.24 Tuesday

1.14.25 Tuesday

9.17.24 Tuesday

2.11.25 Tuesday

10.15.24 Tuesday

3.18.25 Tuesday

11.12.24 Tuesday

4.22.25 Tuesday

12.3.24 Tuesday

The committee reserves the right to interview applicants if deemed necessary.

  • Grants will be awarded on activity merit and availability of funds.
  • Reimbursement will not exceed the total amount approved.
  • Limited to once per fiscal year.
  • Part-time staff are not eligible.
  • Special Grant Committee Members & FAQ

Obligations & Important Considerations:

  • A Special Grant submission does not count as a travel request. Employees must submit a travel request through Concur prior to event date. For more information on how to submit a travel request, visit the Travel Information & Procedures page and the Travel & Expense Reminders page.
  • Airbnb and Vrbo are not covered by special grant funds.
  • International travel requirements:
    • All applications involving international travel must be submitted to the International Office for consideration first
    • Documentation of funds approved by the International Committee must be attached to the special grant application
    • All international requests must be signed by the President of the College
  • Frequently Asked Questions found here

Any questions about the Special Grant process and/or application should be sent to staffdev.dept@jccc.edu.