Special Grant Committee Members & FAQs

Special Grant Committee

Kim Davis, Financial Services
Tim Frenzel, Continuing Education
Christopher Imm, Mathematics
Kimberly Kuhns, ASL English Interpreter Prep
Nick Mancini, Academic Support
Jonathan Miller, Architecture
Dan Mueller, Counseling
Nathan Jones, English
TBD, Communications Division
Scott Crompton, Industrial Technology Division
Phil Giegerich, HPSW

Farrell Hoy Jenab, Faculty Development (Chair)
Elaine Sinn, Faculty Development Coordinator, Committee Support (non-voting)
Amy Keating, Staff Dev./HR, Committee Support (non-voting)
Rachel Haynes, Staff Dev./HR, Committee Support (non-voting)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I apply after the event has happened?
    • The Committee does not reimburse for a conference or travel that has already taken place. All paperwork must be submitted prior to attendance.
  2. Do I need to include all documentation when I apply?
    • Yes, absolutely. The Committee will not consider your application if information is missing.
      If you have a fee for Registration, Hotel, Airfare, you will need to include documentation for each.
  3.  Does this mean that I have to PAY for these things up front before submitting my application???
    • Not necessarily. You can document the likely cost for the expense.
      For example, with documenting Airfare: If you are browsing an airline’s website and add a flight “to your cart” – you can simply attach a screenshot of the cart without actually completing the payment portion.
  4. In my application, my supervisor hasn’t filled out their portion.
    • Your application will not be reviewed by the Committee. Your supervisor MUST fill out all of their required portion on page 2 of the application form.
  5. If approved, then what do I do?
    • The Committee Support staff will notify you through email if you have been approved for funds. Your supervisor will be copied on the email.
    • You will receive information on how to submit a travel request through JCCC’s Concur Travel System. ALL employees traveling on behalf of the College have to fill out a Travel Request before traveling. Then, after the trip, your expense receipts must be submitted in order to be reimbursed (should a reimbursement be necessary).
    • More information on the Concur Travel System can be found HERE.
    • Video tutorials of Concur are found HERE.

More questions or concerns?

Contact Amy Keating at ext. 3111 or akeatin6@jccc.edu.