Welcome to Staff Development!

Enrollment Instructions for Staff Development Courses

If you know the CRN for the course, follow these easy steps.


Directions to Search and Register for Staff Development Classes

Link to instructions: https://scribehow.com/shared/Enrolling_in_Staff_Development_Course_at_JCCC_Online__VAchxua0SleYcuXz_NqHPQ

Directions to Drop a Staff Development Class

  1. Go to my.jccc.edu and log in.
  2. Click “Student” on the left side
  3. Click “Add/Drop Classes” at the top
  4. Click “Add/Drop Classes” inside Banner
  5. Under “Terms Open for Registration”, choose “Staff Dev 2023-2024”, then click “Continue”
  6. In the bottom right Summary box, under “Action”, click the drop down menu and select “**Web Drop** 100%”
  7. Click “Agree & Submit”


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