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National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) Award

Deadline: December 15

The NISOD Award recognizes faculty members, administrators, and administrative staff who epitomize “the importance of excellence in teaching and leadership in open-door settings” by keeping their focus on helping students succeed.

For more information, see the NISOD Award Application.

Note: Employees are eligible to receive this recognition once every five years.

2023 Recipients – Joan Curtis, Megan Doyle

2022 Recipients – Brenda Edmonds, Christopher Bell, Emily Sewell

2021 Recipients – Stacy Davidson, Tai Edwards, James Hopper, Teri Nemer, Doug Patterson, Andy Young, Kotoko Grass, Neal Padgett, Olivia Chiu Clevinger, Linda Turbyfill, Debbie Rulo, Linda Kozacek, and Marilyn Senter.

2020 Recipients – Valerie Mann, Leslie Quinn, Linda Turbyfill

2019 Recipients – Kathryn Byrne, Ashley Vasquez

2018 Recipients – Angel Mercier, Gretchen Thum

2017 Recipients – Beth Chun, Katherine Bailes

2016 Recipients – Cynthia Feagan, Lill Bajich-Bock

2015 Recipients – Holly Milkowart, Ellyn Mulcahy, Anna Page