Letter to the Editor


Lee Cross

JCCC Trustee (written individually)

Kansas Legislators should grant the ability for community colleges and universities to retain local control and the ability to regulate guns on our campuses. Kansas created the Kansas State System of Community and Junior Colleges in 1965. Since that time, we have helped develop one of the best community college systems in the World right here in Johnson County.

While the Second Amendment is controversial, debatable, and its meaning has shifted in the history of our Nation, any right to an individual’s right to carry a weapon should not include a college campus if the taxpayers are opposed. Therefore, it is disappointing that the legislature has failed to even debate the policy this session. Poll numbers and popular support illuminates that “We the People of “Johnson County Kansas” do not want guns and other weapons of mass destruction in our institutions of learning. At a minimum, I urge Kansas legislators to please advocate for any exclusion, extension, or provision to allow our Colleges and Institutions to choose locally how this issue should be handled.



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