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September 7, 2022 – Team Effort Awards



  • Robyn Albano, Campus Services
  • Christine Bittel, JCAE
  • Robin Boley, Campus Services
  • Don Campbell, Project Management Office
  • Georgia Deming, JCAE
  • Shannon Ford, Information Services
  • Tim Frenzel, Workforce Development & Continuing Education
  • Tom Hall, Campus Services
  • Kayla Harrity, JCAE
  • Matt Holmes, Network & Data Center Operations
  • Robin Judkins, Network & Data Center Operations
  • Del Lovitt, Information Services
  • Heather Reinhard, Information Services
  • Adrian Swan, AV Services
  • Elisa Waldman, Workforce Development & Continuing Education

Nominated by Janice Blansit, Program Director, Adult Education & Literacy


Accomplishment:  In academic year 2020-2021, in alignment with JCCC’s Covid protocols, JCAE ESL classes could not be held at Center of Grace.  In academic year 2021-2022, Center of Grace implemented a $6MM+ renovation and expansion which is enabling JCAE to relocate from the basement of the Center to the main level (with windows!).  However, before classes could be held in the new space, considerable work was needed to finish the core network infrastructure, gather and install equipment, and place furnishings. The team recognized in this nomination worked tirelessly to finalize plans and complete the work needed to ready the Center for occupancy for the start of classes this fall.  Some of the members began working with JCAE in 2020 to pack and store materials and plan for the return.  By spring, the team was meeting weekly to share updates and coordinate efforts. In August, the final touches were completed just in time for ESL students starting classes this fall. The new classrooms are not only fresher and more up-to-date, but they also enable JCAE to expand the number of ESL students served at Center of Grace to approximately 300.

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):  Student Success:  Support learners in achieving their educational goals.



  • Leann Eaken, Administrative Assistant • Continuing Education
  • Rachell McAlister, Administrative Assistant • Continuing Education
  • Hillary Callahan, Administrative Assistant • Continuing Education
  • Kathy Gill, Coordinator of Healthcare • Continuing Education

Nominated by Aimee Martin, Program Coordinator, Continuing Education


Accomplishment:  The Continuing Education Operations Administrative Assistant group had to step in and handle the summer youth, professional education and life and leisure programs when one of their colleagues left. This incredible group divided and conquered each week of enrollments, with minimum interruption. The instructors, parents and students were none the wiser to the changes that had happened. In the process they worked together to help each other out covering the various tasks all while handling their own program area responsibilities and starting to centralize tasks within Operations.

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):  The commitment by the group ties into the student success goal and community partnership goal. The students and community attendees in CE continued to be taken care of while never knowing that someone had left. They all received excellent customer service and timely answers to their questions and inquiries. The dedication of the CE Operations Administrative Assistant group is top notch and I and this college are very luck to have this group taking care of our clients, students, customers and instructors.



  • Ashley Conner, Testing Center Specialist • Continuing Education
  • Lisa Winscott, Assistant • Continuing Education
  • Jennifer Schrowe, Non-Credit Instructor • Adult Education & Literacy

Nominated by Debbie Rulo, Executive Director of Continuing Education


Accomplishment:  The Regnier Testing Center Administrators managed over 1,000 additional testers in FY22 compared to FY21.

FY21: 3,216        FY22: 4,298

The Regnier Testing Center has not had testing numbers this high since 2016. Taking on additional vendor partners has made a difference, as well as Testing Center Administrators backing each other up when someone is out. This team has made the difference. Great Job!

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):

This team supports JCCC’s Strategic Goals in the following ways:

Student Success: Support learners in achieving their educational goals.

Community Partnerships: Advance diverse and strategic partnerships.




  • Natasha Jenkins, Program Lead Instructor • Adult Education & Literacy
  • Julie Mulder, Non-Credit Instructor • Adult Education & Literacy
  • Michelle Elwood, Non-Credit Instructor • Adult Education & Literacy
  • Margery Downey,  Non-Credit Instructor • Adult Education & Literacy
  • Connie Berggren,  Non-Credit Instructor • Adult Education & Literacy
  • Jennifer Schrowe,  Non-Credit Instructor • Adult Education & Literacy

Nominated by Leslie Dykstra, Program Coordinator, Adult Education & Literacy


Accomplishment: This team worked all of August to register, test, provide orientation and individual student conferences for 270 students. They worked through staffing shortages to ensure every student had the best possible experience. They met JCAE, JCCCC, KBOR and student expectations along the way.


Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):


S1: Ensure our models of teaching and learning lead to student success.

S3: Create effective systems and pathways for students.



S3: Be a convener for issues that transform and strengthen our communities



S2: Develop and support an inclusive environment that empowers all students, faculty, and staff to succeed.



S2: Create and maintain an environment where employees are valued and belong.

S3: Develop a consistent culture of accountability, integrity, and equity.