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Tip! – Zoom Room Closed? Now What?!

It’s true. Sometimes the Ed Tech Zoom Room is closed. Sometimes we have meetings. Or we’re on vacation. Or we forget (sorry!). But not to worry, there are lots of other ways to get help with Canvas or other things you need.

First, at least one of us is probably still working. Try contacting the Ed Tech Center by phone (x3842) or emailing us at edtech@jccc.edu. There’s a very good chance we’ll answer you quickly if you try that. Find all the ways to contact us here.

Next up, we have provided a lot of resources on our Blogs page from how to use the classroom equipment, to which buttons to click to copy your course over. We have video tutorials, links to software support sites, and tips and tricks we get asked a lot of.

Here are some shortcuts for you:

Other college resources include:

Finally, try Google. Yes. It may seem too simple, but I promise someone somewhere has had this issue before and there are a lot of smart people in the world who have helped them out and recorded it for your benefit.