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Extra Effort Awards – June 30, 2021

Heather Edvenson, Lab Coordinator, Chemistry – Nominated by Lori Slavin
Heather has done an outstanding job getting the labs organized, packed, and moved with the impending science remodel.  She has overhauled the inventory system of chemicals and equipment and improved the process of hazardous waste storage.  She has been a tremendous asset to the department since her hire last year.


LaTonya Hood, Accounting Specialist, Financial Services/Bursar Office – Nominated by Vickki Jo Powers
Latonya worked out a new format in Excel to track credit card refunds.  Latonya not only showcased her Excel skills but improved the refunding process.  Her efforts made the process more efficient and more easily workable/tracked for the rest of the team.


Susan McSpadden, Marketing Photographer, Strategic Marketing Operations– Nominated by Peggy Barlett
Susan went above and beyond to make the RN graduation ceremony special and memorable. She worked diligently within the pandemic guidelines to make each graduate a focal point, including standing outside the MTC in light rain to obtain candid photos of the new graduates. Thanks for all you do for us Susan.


Diana Richards, Tutor WCTR, Writing Center – Nominated by Kaitlin Krumsick
In the last few months, Diana has gone above and beyond on a project assigned to her.  She has put in so much time and effort to ensure that the resources in the Writing Center are uniformly formatted, comprehensible to all readers, accessible, and a professional representation of the Writing Center itself.  Her work will be valued by students and staff for years to come.


Ashley Jost, Coordinator Financial Aid Communication Manager, Student Financial Aid – Nominated by Linda Kozacek
On June 1st, Ashley Jost came out to the Adult Residential Center, part of the Johnson County Dept. of Corrections, in Gardner to help me assist 17 clients in completing their FAFSAs so that they could take CE classes as part of a partnership between JoCo Dept. of Corrections, JCCC, and NCircle.  This was no easy task as access to technology is limited, clients have varying levels of computer literacy, and emails and addresses may have changed multiple times. Ashley is so pleasant, and patient and her expertise put the clients at ease in what could have been a very stressful situation. Having her there completed a big task in the enrollment process for this program.  Ashley has also been an invaluable resource to several of our students who wish to continue their education and training programs.


Moving forward, the virtual Extra Effort Awards will be announced monthly.  The virtual Extra Effort Award nomination form can be found at https://blogs.jccc.edu/staffdev/awards/extra-effort/