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Extra Effort & Team Effort Awards: May 10, 2022

Ruth Schweitzer, ATS Support Technician, Office Computing Support – nominated by Mike Fluke

Ruth helps to support the Student Services branch. Recently received an order of new laptop for the Counseling Center. Ruth imaged the bulk of the laptops (the order was for 33 devices) and configured them. She worked with the counselors to schedule a delivery time with each Counselor. She delivered more than half of the laptops with the least impact on the staff’s time, allowing them to assist students. Ruth is a valuable team member for the Office Support Team.


Sherry Buhler, ATS Support Technician, Office Computing Support – nominated by James Drone

Sherry returned to IS after being gone for many years, she has been getting refamiliarized with IS work flow and the ways we accomplish the work. She is always willing to help and make sure our clients are getting the assistance they need in a timely manner. Sherry offers help to coworkers as needed and asks questions as they may arise.

Thank you Sherry and it is great to have you back on our team.


Inna Verzhbytska, Adjunct Professor of French, Foreign Language Department – nominated by Christina Wolff

Inna has worked many hours to help with selecting the French books for the department. I appreciate her time and dedication!


Jeri Lowe Howell, Adjunct Professor of French, Foreign Language Department – nominated by Christina Wolff

Jeri has worked many hours to help with selecting the French books for the department. I appreciate her time and dedication! 


Eric Elisabeth, Chemistry Professor, Chemistry Department – nominated by Christina Wolff

Eric facilitates the French table for students and members of the community. We appreciate him!


Sandy Rieger, Foundation Operations Manager, JCCC Foundation – nominated by Rachel Walter

With our Development Officer on sabbatical and our department going through the transition of a new Executive Director, Sandy has taken on many different aspects of those two positions. Her willingness to help, however possible, truly shines bright!


Tony Butler, Drafting Computer Lab Supervisor, Client Support Services, Information Services – nominated by Kim Manifold

In the past six months, Tony has been asked to take on additional duties as a supervisor and transition his focus to a broader vision. He has taken on more direct reports as well as new job responsibilities. He has met each of these requests and tasks with a willingness to take on more. His extra effort is much appreciated by the department!


During the Spring 2022 semester, the virtual Extra Effort Awards will be announced monthly.  The virtual Extra Effort Award nomination form can be found at https://blogs.jccc.edu/staffdev/awards/extra-effort/



  • Sandy Rieger, Manager, Foundation Operations • JCCC Foundation
  • Susan Black, Foundation Accountant • JCCC Foundation
  • Terri Laddusaw, Administrative Assistant • JCCC Foundation
  • Rachel Walter, Development Assistant • JCCC Foundation

Nominated by Kate Allen, Vice President of College Advancement & Government Affairs, JCCC Foundation

Accomplishment: The Foundation team has done an outstanding job managing all Foundation operations in the absence of not only an Executive Director since March 11, but their Development Director who is on sabbatical this semester. Their small office has gone from 6 people to 4 and they have worked extra hours to keep the wheels on. Specifically, they have successfully managed the awarding of hundreds of unique scholarships, fulfilled countless program requests, completed the Foundation’s IRS 990 draft (which involves nearly $50 million in assets), developed a slate of new Foundation board members, successfully executed the Foundation’s Annual Luncheon in May, created a new budget for FY22, and completed a very successful hiring process for a new leader who will begin July 1. These women make up a great team and their work has resulted in life changing support to more than 1,500 students, multiple college departments, and local community partners. We are grateful and proud to call them colleagues!


Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):  The team’s hard work supports Community Partnerships  strategic goal through their commitment to maintaining and growing connections within the community for the advancement and benefit of the college. They accomplished this under the less-than-ideal circumstances of having 2 colleagues out of the office for prolonged periods, and by collaborating and adapting in a way that was above and beyond the call of duty.