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December 5, 2022 – Extra Effort & Team Effort Awards


Krista Grace, Success Coach, Orientation & New Student Initiatives – nominated by Nicole Davis
Since joining the team in June, Krista has gone above and beyond to create research-based materials for the Success Coaching Program. Krista is always up for the challenge of making engaging and beautiful tools to use with students. Her efforts are directly impacting students that attend our coaching sessions and time management workshops.


Jenevieve Nelson, Success Coach, New Student Orientation & Retention – nominated by Ann Fielder
Jenevieve Nelson has spent countless hours working on behalf of my students–and two students, in particular, who have extensive needs for intervention. These two students’ lives have been dramatically impacted for the better because of Jenevieve’s efforts and commitment.


Lisa Gates, Benefits Specialist, HR – nominated by Susan Hoffman
Lisa took the initiative to update the photos in the HR Training Room/GEB 264.  This room is used for New Employee and New Benefits Orientation.  It’s the first introduction for new employee’s to our training facilities.  Lisa contacted the Marketing Department to gain up dated images that show our campuses diversity.  Way to go Lisa, You Rock!


Valerie Reese, SVDC Coordinator, Continuing Education – nominated by Vincent Haworth
Besides doing an outstanding job supporting our SBDC staff and keeping us on task, Valerie is constantly keeping the office experience a pleasure.  Valerie goes above and beyond participating in extra events that are offered by JCCC and Continuing Education.  Our office is always decorated for every holiday and it makes for a great work environment.  She is beyond dedicated and very much appreciated.

The virtual Extra Effort Award nomination form can be found at https://blogs.jccc.edu/staffdev/awards/extra-effort/




  • Pete Belk, Director of Admissions & Recruitment • Admissions
  • Teresa Leland, Processing Coordinator • Admissions

Nominated by Janice Blansit, Program Director JCAE

Accomplishment: In today’s JCAE leadership meeting, we solicited shout-outs for excellence, and three team members gushed about the ongoing support provided by JCCC Admissions.  Leslie Dykstra and Jill Sigler talked about a recent collaboration in which Admissions updated the crosswalk that converts GED scores to GPAs for purposes of student placement and scholarship eligibility.  Angie Huber also noted that AO-K program requirements impose ongoing burdens on the Admissions staff to override holds for AO-K students entering credit classes. Pete and Teresa always respond quickly and positively to requests for assistance, happy to support JCAE students and staff.

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):

Support learners in achieving their educational goals.
Strategy S2:  Successfully transition students to JCCC.
Strategy S3:  Create effective systems and pathways for students.

The virtual Team Effort Award nomination form can be found at http://blogs.jccc.edu/staffdev/files/2022/09/Team-Effort-Award.pdf.