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Extra Effort Awards – September 24, 2021

Electra Arzola, Recruiter, Human Resources – Nominated Anonymously
Electra has really stepped up and gone above and beyond during the transition in Human Resources.  She has a positive attitude and is always willing to step in and figure it out to get the job done.  She is an exceptional asset to the HR team, and we’re so thankful she chose JCCC.


Sasha Edelman, Administrative Assistant, Science Division/Life Sciences – Nominated by Jennifer Menon Parker
Sasha has been brilliant at being able to pivot while building our complicated schedules.  As COVID continues to be an issue, Sasha has worked on the weekends and late in the evenings to capture the various changes that faculty have been forced to make to optimize the delivery platforms for our students.  She does all of this with quiet grace and outstanding efficiency.  We all owe her a debt of gratitude.  Her diligence has allowed our division to continue to grow even in the face of these challenging times.


Joyce Friedel, Administrative Assistant, Academic Achievement Center – Nominated by Valerie Mann
Joyce is an administrative assistant in the Academic Achievement Center, who has distinguished herself as a great support for students on the 1st floor of the Academic Resource Centers.  She goes above and beyond to provide great customer service, help students find their way, and customize her help to make being a college student even better!
She has helped institute the proctoring this fall for the Language Resource Center and administers these assessments as a help to the director on the weekends and when needed.  She also treats students with kindness and solves their needs for a study room in a way that helps make the process pleasant! We feel so glad to have her as part of our team!


Nancy Waters, Learning Specialist, Academic Achievement Center – Nominated by Kaitlin Krumsick
Nancy is such a bright and encouraging presence in the AAC.  She has gone above and beyond in the first few weeks of the semester, helping students get adjusted to collegiate coursework.  Even in challenging circumstances, Nancy is positive and always works hard to solve the problem.  She has also been so helpful in making sure the AAC is running smoothly for all staff and students.


Becky Sears, Computer Lab Instructor, JCAE
Jennifer Schrowe, Computer Lab Instructor, JCAE
– Nominated by Leslie Dykstra
Becky and Jennifer work so hard to get all our testing materials ready for our students in August. They help with all JCAE programs, ABE/GED, English Connection and ESL. Becky and Jennifer helped over 500 students test and get prepared for classes to begin. They always say, “yes” and “how can I help?” We are so lucky to have them on our team.


During the Fall 2021 semester, the virtual Extra Effort Awards will be announced monthly.  The virtual Extra Effort Award nomination form can be found at


Extra Effort Awards – September 1, 2021

Karen Koehn, Life Science Lab Coordinator, Science – Nominated by Jennifer Menon Parker

Karen has done an outstanding job organizing and executing the plan for packing, moving, and distribution of lab materials for the human sciences.  Her open lab personnel cleaned as well as sorted models into the various categories prior to the redistribution into either swing space, storage, or surplus.  All inventories were completed well before the projected deadline.  We couldn’t have done it without her.


Glenda Land, Executive Assistant, Human Resources – Nominated by Susan Hoffman

We are so lucky to have Glenda on the HR team!  She started at JCCC in June and stepped up to help the Staff Development & Training area organize the communication logistics for the Fall Service Pin Award Celebration.  That sounds easy enough, but it’s really an ongoing communication with over 275 JCCC employees.  Glenda’s welcoming communication style and professionalism made employee’s feel comfortable in attending the first “in-person” Service Pin Celebration in over a year.  Thank you, Glenda for your Extra Effort!


Jeff Mayo, Sr. Systems Engineer, Network & Data Center Operations – Nominated by Derrick Lane

Jeff regularly goes out of his way to support the IT Security Office, oftentimes with very short notice. Also, for his work in developing and implementing key components to automate the Minfraud security output tool.


James Trezvant, Housekeeping Warehouser, Housekeeping Services – Nominated by Leslie Dykstra

James has been amazing this summer with all the moving we have done at West Park and Antioch. We have struggled with making sure we have all our requests written and submitted correctly and James has picked up where we struggled and helped us manage getting all the correct furniture to the correct places and on time. James always arrives with a smile on his face and willing spirit to help. We wouldn’t be prepared for our students this fall if it wasn’t for James.


Julie Mulder, Adult Education & Literacy

Traci Jensen, Adult Education & Literacy

Michelle Elwood, Adult Education & Literacy

Margery Downey, Adult Education & Literacy

Connie Berggren, Adult Education & Literacy

– Nominated by Leslie Dykstra

The ABE/GED & EC Lead Instructors have done an incredible job of welcoming over 200 new students to JCAE’s program. Greeting each student with a warm welcome, encouraging smile and determination to see them through to their goals. On-Boarding is a long, and detailed process with many opportunities for errors, however, the Lead Instructors didn’t let one thing slip through the cracks. They were prepared and ready for each new task and handled it beautifully.


CE Registration Team:

Teresa Schmitz, Supervisor Registration Specialist, Continuing Education Operations

Susan Elliott, Lead Registration Specialist, Continuing Education Operations

Jared Anderson, Registration Specialist, Continuing Education Operations

Jill Carr, Registration Specialist, Continuing Education Operations

– Nominated by Leslie Dykstra

The CE Registration team helped JCAE ABE/GED students register for ABE/GED classes through phone-in registration. The team met with Leslie Dykstra, ABE/GED Program Coordinator prior to registration and reviewed and problem-solved through previous issues, they greeted students on the phone and registered them, as well as stayed in constant communication with Leslie to handle any problems. The team then followed-up to make sure every students’ needs were met. They did an amazing job and helped 178 students register for classes.


During the Fall 2021 semester, the virtual Extra Effort Awards will be announced monthly.  The virtual Extra Effort Award nomination form can be found at


Extra Effort & Team Effort Awards – May 28, 2021

Debbie Rulo, Director, Continuing Education Business Development/Partnerships
Liz Loomis, Administrative Assistant Assess/Eval/Instl

– Nominated by Staff Shared Governance Task Force

For the past few months, the Staff Shared governance Task Force has been working on development of the committee purpose, by-laws, and procedures.  Debbie and Liz have devoted many hours leading the task force.  This not only included scheduling and leading meetings, organizing files, and documenting activity as we went through the process, but also included presenting in front of cabinet and meeting separately with team members and leaders on campus.  They have done an excellent job moving this committee forward.

Moving forward, the virtual Extra Effort Awards will be announced bi-weekly.  The virtual Extra Effort Award nomination form can be found at


Team Effort Award:

Congratulations!  To the following group who were nominated for a Team Effort Award! 

Your team was nominated by Gary Cook and is made up of the following people:

Daniel Tamire, Lead Housekeeper, Housekeeping Services
Aaron Manning, Coordinator Housekeeping & Custodial Services, Housekeeping Services
Henry Locke, Custodian, Housekeeping Services
Andre Banks, Custodian, Housekeeping Services
Manuel Chavira, Custodian, Housekeeping Services
Tafere Masresha, Custodian, Housekeeping Services
Mengistu Bekalu, Custodian, Housekeeping Services
Shane Cockrum, Custodian, Housekeeping Services
Dan Bowyer, Custodian, Housekeeping Services
Isaac Jenkins, Custodian, Housekeeping Services
Faye Martin, Supervisor Custodial, Housekeeping Services


On Tuesday, April 20th, OCB 261 & 272 flooded due to construction above them on OCB 3. Many of the faculty offices were near an inch deep in water. Due to our team’s quick action of removing wet furniture, extracting the water from the carpet, placing high air volume fans and dehumidifiers, the carpet was dry the next morning. The team then replaced the furniture and put up the equipment.

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goals(s):

Operational Excellence JCCC reviews the effectiveness of programs, services, and practices as part of an ongoing commitment to operational improvement. The College aligns processes to support the strategic direction of the College and drive efficiency. Through responsible management of resources, the College holds itself accountable to its people and community so that it may remain relevant and innovative.

Strategy 1: Facility Management JCCC enhances its facilities to ensure that relevant functional spaces support students, faculty, and the community.

Strategy 2: Operational Efficiency


Team Effort Award:

Congratulations!  To the following group who were nominated for a Team Effort Award! 

Your team was nominated by Kim Manifold and is made up of the following people:

Nico Attanasio, Student Support Technology Lead, Client Support Services
Chris Graessle, Technology Support Technician, Client Support Services
Ryan McGowan, Technology Support Technician, Client Support Services
Mark Barbosa, Supervisor Technology Support Center, Client Support Services
Kathryn Douglas, Student Support Technician, Client Support Services
Nathan George, Student Support Technician, Client Support Services
Robin Judkins, Senior Net. Analyst /Unified Comm, Network & Data Center Operations


In April, the Technical Support Center (Nico, Chris, Ryan, Mark, Kathryn, and Nathan) assisted students with late evening enrollment for the Summer and Fall semesters. The team assisted students with technical support needs between 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. as students prepared for open enrollment at 9:00 p.m. and throughout the first thirty minutes of enrollment to ensure a great start for enrollment activities and example of teamwork across IS to help students succeed at JCCC. And of course, none of this would be possible without Robin Judkins, who had to manually set the call queue to reopen at the appropriate times.

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goals(s):

Student Success: The comprehensive programs and services at JCCC are aligned to help students reach their diverse educational goals. The College seeks to identify each student’s educational intent and develop pathways for success. Credit and non-credit programs are aligned for transfer, entry into the workforce, or personal interest. Support services are relevant to the evolving needs of students.

Strategy 1: Success Model JCCC enhances a student success model, designed around determining students’ intent when entering the College, with strategies to promote success along the student’s journey

Extra Effort Awards – April 23, 2021

Austin Maxwell, Administrative Assistant, Procurement – Nominated by Lydia Berberich

Austin is super responsive; always accessible on Teams chat or willing to hop on a Zoom to offer immediate assistance. Always willing to help get the job done with a positive attitude…just a great team player since we all aren’t experts in procurement.  Thanks, Austin!

Alicia Bredehoeft, Counselor, Counseling Department – Nominated by Linda Kozacek

Alicia has been very accommodating in working with our students in the Adult Residential Center. She has met with several students through zoom and given them hope to set and reach some new goals once they are released from the residential center. One student told me he had never felt so encouraged.


Moving forward, the virtual Extra Effort Awards will be announced bi-weekly.  The virtual Extra Effort Award nomination form can be found at