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May 10, 2023 – Team Effort Award


  • Danny Ashley, Computer Lab Assistant • IS – Client Support Services
  • Andrew Rymill, Computer Lab Assistant • IS – Client Support Services
  • Saiid Razavi, Computer Lab Assistant • IS – Client Support Services
  • Lisa Woodbury, Computer Lab Assistant • IS – Client Support Services
  • Ann West, Computer Lab Assistant • IS – Client Support Services
  • Sophia (Sonia) Levin, Computer Lab Assistant • IS – Client Support Services
  • Tina Bhagat, Computer Lab Assistant • IS – Client Support Services
  • Ken Eldred, Computer Lab Assistant • IS – Client Support Services

Nominated by Janet Mathis, Manager, Network & Data Center Operations


The computer lab assistants went above and beyond to assist the Data Operations team with Banner Job Scheduling and Team Dynamix ticketing for job scheduling. The lab assistants were able to clear a backlog of tickets, provide updates to job schedules, and assist with organizing physical media in the data center. It all began with some in depth training and over the three and a half week period they were able to update over 100 jobs and knowledge base articles.

On 12/1/2022, I submitted 6 ticket requests to Kim Manifold, Senior Manager of Technology Engagement & Support, and David Brooks, Computer Lab Supervisor, for assignment of the Lab Assistants between FALL / SPRING semesters – approximately 3.5-weeks.
I divided the work as follows:

  • 2 Tickets for work in TeamDynamix
  • 2 Tickets for work in the Automic batch job processing application
  • 2 Tickets for work in the Regnier Center (RC)- Data Center

I brought the first (7) Lab Assistants together in a classroom so as they would be able to do the work requested from classroom workstations. After initial introductions and quick accessment of skill sets, interest and experience, I broke down the work as follows:
1. Automic application work assignments to Danny Ashley, Andrew Rymill, Saiid Razavi
2. TeamDynamix work assignments to Lisa Woodbury, Ann West, Sophia (Sonia) Levin, Tina Bhagat
3. RC-Data Center work assignments to Ken Eldred who’d work with Ibby Daugherty, IS- Network & Data Center Operations, Data Operations Support Analyst.

Please see the remaining information on the accomplishments from this team here.

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):

Strategy 2: Develop and support and inclusive environment that empowers all students, faculty, and staff to succeed.

Strategy 1: Encourage employee growth.
Strategy 2: Create and maintain an environment where employees are valued and belong.
Strategy 3: Develop a consistent culture of accountability, integrity, and equity.

The virtual Team Effort Award nomination form can be found at

December 5, 20222 – Extra Effort & Team Effort Awards


Krista Grace, Success Coach, Orientation & New Student Initiatives – nominated by Nicole Davis
Since joining the team in June, Krista has gone above and beyond to create research-based materials for the Success Coaching Program. Krista is always up for the challenge of making engaging and beautiful tools to use with students. Her efforts are directly impacting students that attend our coaching sessions and time management workshops.


Jenevieve Nelson, Success Coach, New Student Orientation & Retention – nominated by Ann Fielder
Jenevieve Nelson has spent countless hours working on behalf of my students–and two students, in particular, who have extensive needs for intervention. These two students’ lives have been dramatically impacted for the better because of Jenevieve’s efforts and commitment.


Lisa Gates, Benefits Specialist, HR – nominated by Susan Hoffman
Lisa took the initiative to update the photos in the HR Training Room/GEB 264.  This room is used for New Employee and New Benefits Orientation.  It’s the first introduction for new employee’s to our training facilities.  Lisa contacted the Marketing Department to gain up dated images that show our campuses diversity.  Way to go Lisa, You Rock!


Valerie Reese, SVDC Coordinator, Continuing Education – nominated by Vincent Haworth
Besides doing an outstanding job supporting our SBDC staff and keeping us on task, Valerie is constantly keeping the office experience a pleasure.  Valerie goes above and beyond participating in extra events that are offered by JCCC and Continuing Education.  Our office is always decorated for every holiday and it makes for a great work environment.  She is beyond dedicated and very much appreciated.

The virtual Extra Effort Award nomination form can be found at




  • Pete Belk, Director of Admissions & Recruitment • Admissions
  • Teresa Leland, Processing Coordinator • Admissions

Nominated by Janice Blansit, Program Director JCAE

Accomplishment: In today’s JCAE leadership meeting, we solicited shout-outs for excellence, and three team members gushed about the ongoing support provided by JCCC Admissions.  Leslie Dykstra and Jill Sigler talked about a recent collaboration in which Admissions updated the crosswalk that converts GED scores to GPAs for purposes of student placement and scholarship eligibility.  Angie Huber also noted that AO-K program requirements impose ongoing burdens on the Admissions staff to override holds for AO-K students entering credit classes. Pete and Teresa always respond quickly and positively to requests for assistance, happy to support JCAE students and staff.

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):

Support learners in achieving their educational goals.
Strategy S2:  Successfully transition students to JCCC.
Strategy S3:  Create effective systems and pathways for students.

The virtual Team Effort Award nomination form can be found at

April 17, 2023 – Extra Effort & Team Effort Awards


Lindsay Blanchard, Administrative Assistant, Counseling Center – nominated by Michelle Caples
Lindsay recently received a phone call from a community member inquiring about programming that Lindsay determined was not part of our credit curriculum. Following that phone call, Lindsay conducted some research in the Continuing Education platform and found additional resources relevant to the inquiry. Lindsay made a return phone call to the individual and left the information in a voice mail message. Shortly thereafter, the individual called back. Finding that Lindsay was not available, the individual asked me to pass along that she was extremely impressed with Lindsay’s generosity in following up to provide additional resources at JCCC. Lindsay’s genuine curiosity and willingness to help is displayed on a daily basis. We are so fortunate to have her as part of our team!

Amy Foster, Administrative Assistant, Johnson County Adult Education (JCAE)– nominated by Georgia Deming
During testing and orientation for new ESL students, Amy does whatever is needed to help with student intake. She works split shifts to accomplish this and does everything from assisting students to complete enrollment forms, proctor tests, and get Gmail addresses and phone apps during technology training. She is always patient and kind with everyone she comes in contact with.

Samantha Johnson, ESL Instructor, Johnson County Adult Education (JCAE) – nominated by Georgia Deming
In addition to teaching her own classes, she jumped in to teach the CDL prep class for ESL students when the original teacher left the program. She also jumped in to teach yet another class this semester when yet another teacher left. She is always willing to jump in and assist wherever and whenever she is needed.

Rachel Hoyer, Box Office Manager, MTC – nominated by Kate Allen
AudienceView is the ticketing software used for the Midwest Trust Center. This vendor notified Rachel of a security breach that compromised credit card information collected between February 17-21, 2023, and that the system was being shut down completely for an unknown period of time. Rachel was proactive and issued an email to all our affected customers alerting them to the issue and telling them to keep an eye on their credit charges. She then devised a great plan to manage sales the old-fashioned way: hard copy seat maps and an Excel spreadsheet. She also worked closely with Philip Mein, Rob Caffey, Megan Casey, Sandra Warner, Rachel Lierz, Kelsey Nazar and Chris Gray to follow best protocols. Rachel’s team will be hand-validating tickets and names for performances, as our scanners also are not functional. She has done an incredible job and we are very proud to have Rachel on the MTC team!

Marianne Kunkel, Assistant Professor of English – nominated by Andrea Broomfield
Marianne is an outstanding assistant professor who is only in her second year at JCCC.  I wish to nominate her because her efforts go “above and beyond” what we require of probationary faculty. As our professor of Children’s Literature, Marianne has worked hard to bring to campus visitors who have a direct impact on her students and their learning. She coordinated the visit of U.S. Representative Sharice Davids to discuss David’s own picture book, Sharice’s Loud Voice, as well as coordinating the visit of KC Public Library’s Central Youth Services Manager, Clare Hollander, to talk to her students about successful story times for young readers. Both types of visits help Marianne’s students then write and publish their own picture books, several of which are currently on display on the second floor of Billington Library. From the beginning of her time at JCCC, she has partnered with JCCC education professor Craig Butler to give presentations and answer questions at two well-attended events, the Latinx Education Conference and the Shawnee Mission District Teacher Education College Fair. By appearing in public and networking as she does, Marianne raises awareness among both educators and students about the excellence of our Education and English programs at JCCC. Marianne also serves on many committees. Here is a sampling: She volunteered to serve on a JCCC DEI committee, Goal 3 Strategy 3: “Build an inclusive and equitable campus culture” for the fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters. This work is vital to her decision to begin writing a new course for our department, African American Literature.

Joyce Friedel, Administrative Assistant, Academic Resource Center (ARC) – nominated by Christina Wolff
Joyce was recently assigned to help me set up and administer placement testing for Health Care Interpreting and Foreign Students in the LRC. Instead of just sending me email results, Joyce is in constant contact with me. She asks important questions to ensure that students at JCCC are provided with clear expectations for testing. I value Joyce because of her communication skills.

Mary Brady, Tutor, Academic Achievement Center (AAC) – nominated by Alyssa Slana
Mary goes above and beyond in her daily work in the AAC. She is dedicated to supporting students, especially those who work closely with Access Services. She is patient, kind, and loves to learn. This semester she has taken on extra tasks as asked which is much appreciated!

Sharon Powers, Tutor, Academic Achievement Center (AAC) – nominated by Alyssa Slana
Sharon is both an instructor and tutor at JCCC, and works for a nearby school district. With all these responsibilities, she always ensures the students she tutors are taken care of and feel heard. She offers plenty of tutoring time for students and, as our only Web Development & CDTP tutor, she regularly takes on more students as necessary.

Garold Oliver, Tutor, Academic Achievement Center (AAC) – nominated by Alyssa Slana
Garold has been a tutor in the AAC since the pandemic and is consistently looking for more ways he can better support the students. He has taken on many challenges this semester when it comes to tutoring students, but he continues to persevere. Even when it gets difficult, he shows the students how much he genuinely wants them to succeed. This extra effort does not go unseen!

The virtual Extra Effort Award nomination form can be found at


September 27, 2022 – Extra Effort & Team Effort Awards


Zach Taylor, Welding Instructor, Continuing Education – nominated by Molly Salisbury

Zach was recently hired as an instructor for CE. His first class was working with the NCircle welding program this summer. We received news that one of the NCircle graduates was recently able to use what he learned in the welding classes to get a different and higher paying job than he was expecting. This is due to the skills he learned from Zach and the confidence he gained in the course.


Nathan Preston, Lead Enterprise Desktop Engineer/Support, Information Services – nominated by Brad Staupp & Adrian Swan

Nathan Preston is new in his position as the Lead Enterprise Desktop Engineer Support here at JCCC. With the recent CLB remodel project with classrooms re-opening this fall semester, and vacating the SCI building, as well, Nathan has spent quite a bit of time ensuring that everything went smoothly for the start of the semester. The results are proven with record low emergency calls and a successful start of the Fall 2022 semester (which was one of the largest returns to campus in recent years). A very big thanks to Nathan!


Ann Balquist, Admissions Assistant – nominated by Ina Crane

Since Ann started, she has always put in extra effort when needed. She is real team player and someone you can always count on. Especially in these extra busy times for admissions, Ann has stepped up, put in extra hours, and her work is always excellent.


Magda Trevino, Admissions Assistant – nominated by Ina Crane

Magda is an incredible worker who learns remarkably fast. These last few weeks when we have been very busy, Magda has put in extra hours and has helped us tremendously in handling our work load. We are very grateful to have her on our team.


Becky Klinkenborg, Budget Analyst, Financial Services – nominated by Janelle Vogler

Becky has gone above and beyond to assist Dining Services in setting up a new accounting and inventory system. Her knowledge, experience, and time spent has been invaluable. Thank you Becky, we appreciate you!


Georgia Deming, ESL Program Manager, JCAE – nominated by Leslie Dykstra

Georgia has gone above and beyond in August to help sign-up, test, and enroll over 500 ESL students into classes. She did this while enduring significant staffing issues. She has worked every morning and night since August 1 to ensure students are placed correctly in our program.


Mary Thibault, Assistant Program Director, Hiersteiner Child Development Center – nominated by Courtney Hultgren

As HCDC was prepping for the start of fall classes, Mary spent ample time (including some after hours) working on the garden, playgrounds, and maintenance of the building. She trimmed shrubbery, pulled weeds, and most impressively, cleaned the siding to the center. It was very dusty, dirty, and gross and she cleaned it all by hand.


Jaya Daniel, Coordinator, IISS – nominated by Kim Steinmetz

Jaya led orientation and went above and beyond job duties to ensure the event was a success. She managed our online learning platform, organized all of our staff, and supported current students at the busiest time of year. Jaya deserves recognition because she helped students feel welcome, supported, and encouraged during this important transition.

Jaya also led training of a new employee this summer. She went above and beyond what is expected by spending countless hours walking the employee through our processes and procedures. She led with patience, detail, and empathy. It has been wonderful to see Jaya take on a leadership role and coach a newer employee! Well done Jaya!


Ashley Hunter, Supervisor – Customer Relations, Bookstore – nominated by Debbie Brewer, Daisha Holmes & Christal Williams

Ashley is the point of contact in the bookstore for our financial aid students and the KS Promise students. She is always positive and always available for the students and staff. If there is an issue, she will find the answer and make sure the student gets what they need. We could not manage the KS Promise program without Ashley assisting the students with their book purchases!!! We appreciate all she does!

Ashley has been extremely valuable to the Financial Aid Office in the execution of the Kansas Promise Scholarship program. She is excellent at helping issue book vouchers to students and troubleshooting difficult situations. We can always rely on Ashley’s positive attitude and responsiveness when we need it the most. Thank you Ashley!


Eric Elisabeth, Professor, Chemistry – nominated by Christina Wolff

Eric continues to volunteer his time to lead the French table. The community and the students benefit so much from his time. Merci Eric!!!


Helga Dotti-Alvarado, ESL Instructor, JCAE – nominated by Georgia Deming

During our teacher workdays, after testing and orientation but before classes began, the person who was to help 20+ ESL teachers prepare for their first class had a family emergency. Helga stepped in, organized all the files, helped teachers establish class rosters, set up Excel files, check and complete enrollment forms in addition to taking care of her two classes that she needed to prepare.


Amy Foster, Administrative Assistant, JCAE – nominated by Georgia Deming

Amy Foster consistently does everything. In addition to her regular duties, during ESL testing and registration, Amy volunteers to do split shifts in order to help with testing and orientation. Whether that involves traffic control, test proctoring, book selling, or trouble shooting equipment issues, she is always there to help everyone and to ensure program success.


Julie Mulder, West Park Lead Instructor, JCAE – nominated by Leslie Dykstra

Julie works as the lead instructor in the Adult Basic Education/GED program at West Park for JCAE. After a new instructor had to resign the week before classes started due to a family emergency, Julie stepped up and took on an additional class without hesitation. She is currently teaching two classes and managing two other classes at West Park. She has done an excellent job. We are lucky to have her on our team and with our students.


Susan Hoffman, Coordinator, Staff & Organizational Development – nominated by Tambra Wise

Susan coordinated the first employee picnic in years! She ensured there was plenty of fun and games to keep our employees smiling and eating! I have only heard great things about this very special employee event!


Caitlin Murphy, Senior Executive Assistant, President’s Office – nominated by Kim Steinmetz & Kaitlin Krumsick

Caitlin has served in a leadership capacity for Staff Council and has gone above and beyond to serve the college. She was an inaugural member of the HR/Staff Council Sub Committee. She led by organizing the meetings, serving as the unofficial recorder of minutes, and clarifying topics as needed. Caitlin has selflessly led this group and is rotating off soon. We will miss her greatly!


The virtual Extra Effort Award nomination form can be found at






  • Annina Dahlstrom, Integrated Marketing Manager • Strategic Communications & Marketing
  • Christina Seitzinger, Creative Lead/Designer • Strategic Communications & Marketing
  • Julie Neemeyer, Director of Operations • Strategic Communications & Marketing
  • Deanne Belshe, Director of Planning • Strategic Communications & Marketing
  • Christa Byer, Digital Strategist • Strategic Communications & Marketing
  • Stacy Boline, Marketing Copywriter • Strategic Communications & Marketing
  • Molly Baumgardner, Communications Coordinator • Strategic Communications & Marketing
  • Amy Becker, Coordinator of Marketing Projects • Strategic Communications & Marketing
  • Chris Gray, Vice President • Strategic Communications & Marketing
  • Callie Woods, Coordinator of Social Media & Content • Strategic Communications & Marketing
  • Mary Anne Matos, Marketing Automation Specialist • Strategic Communications & Marketing


Nominated by Joy Ginsburg, Executive Director, Foundation

Accomplishment: There are so many accomplishments that I can credit to this team that I’m worried I may miss something, but here goes:

  • Revamped updated website for JCCC Foundation (it looks AMAZING)
  • Updated JCCC Foundation Logo (new look is going to help the Foundation stand out as its own entity while still staying attached to the main brand)
  • Helped set up users and strategy for social media (we have gained lots of followers on LinkedIn and Facebook and we have even purchased ads to increase participation on Lace Up 5k)
  • Created and managed an invitation to scholarship recipients to attend a lunch (resulted in over 200 students attending)
  • Designed the most beautiful and engaging Some Enchanted Evening invitation
  • Open Petal Society (created an online giving page, created marketing materials to help promote the effort and created a new/more impactful form for registration)


Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):

Engaging the community and helping students feel like they belong and are appreciated. Many of these tools will help us continue to raise funds to support all of the strategic priorities of the college.



  • Amy Culey, Non-Credit Instructor • JCAE
  • Christy Lemanske, Non-Credit Instructor • JCAE
  • Helga Dotti-Alvarado, Non-Credit Instructor • JCAE
  • Kaitlyn McLaughlin, Non-Credit Instructor • JCAE
  • Linda Turbyfill, ESL Lead Instructor • JCAE
  • Michelle Rico, Non-Credit Instructor• JCAE
  • Olivia Chiu-Clevinger, Non-Credit Instructor • JCAE
  • Amber Schrage, Non-Credit Instructor • JCAE
  • Amy Foster, Office Assistant • JCAE
  • Amanda Chung, Non-Credit Instructor • JCAE
  • Diane Mora, Mandatory Training Stipend • JCAE
  • Angie Huber, Program Coordinator • AO-K
  • Becky Sears, Transition Coach • JCAE
  • Jill Sigler, Transition Coach • JCAE
  • Christine Bittel, Non-Credit Instructor • JCAE
  • Janice Blansit, Program Director • JCAE


Nominated by Georgia Deming, Program Manager, English as a Second Language

Accomplishment: In two weeks’ time, we have managed to get 580 ESL students gmail accounts, connected them to Google Classroom, and downloaded several apps. Teachers and staff went to Center of Grace and West Park to assist with this monumental task which puts students on the road to acquiring digital literacy skills.

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):  Student Success and Employee Engagement.



  • Shari Blank, Adjunct Faculty • Legal Studies
  • Cindy Harmison, Adjunct Faculty • Legal Studies


Nominated by Gwenda Hawk, Associate Professor, Legal Studies

Accomplishment: Shari and Cindy served on the Legal Studies Department Assessment subcommittee and helped develop a draft of a common rubric to use in our Fall 2022 Paralegal courses to assess students’ writing skills throughout the program. They are also assisting with an additional assessment tool to be piloted in Spring 2023.

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):  Student Success, S1: Ensure our models of teaching and learning lead to student success.


The virtual Team Effort Award nomination form can be found at

September 7, 2022 – Team Effort Awards



  • Robyn Albano, Campus Services
  • Christine Bittel, JCAE
  • Robin Boley, Campus Services
  • Don Campbell, Project Management Office
  • Georgia Deming, JCAE
  • Shannon Ford, Information Services
  • Tim Frenzel, Workforce Development & Continuing Education
  • Tom Hall, Campus Services
  • Kayla Harrity, JCAE
  • Matt Holmes, Network & Data Center Operations
  • Robin Judkins, Network & Data Center Operations
  • Del Lovitt, Information Services
  • Heather Reinhard, Information Services
  • Adrian Swan, AV Services
  • Elisa Waldman, Workforce Development & Continuing Education

Nominated by Janice Blansit, Program Director, Adult Education & Literacy


Accomplishment:  In academic year 2020-2021, in alignment with JCCC’s Covid protocols, JCAE ESL classes could not be held at Center of Grace.  In academic year 2021-2022, Center of Grace implemented a $6MM+ renovation and expansion which is enabling JCAE to relocate from the basement of the Center to the main level (with windows!).  However, before classes could be held in the new space, considerable work was needed to finish the core network infrastructure, gather and install equipment, and place furnishings. The team recognized in this nomination worked tirelessly to finalize plans and complete the work needed to ready the Center for occupancy for the start of classes this fall.  Some of the members began working with JCAE in 2020 to pack and store materials and plan for the return.  By spring, the team was meeting weekly to share updates and coordinate efforts. In August, the final touches were completed just in time for ESL students starting classes this fall. The new classrooms are not only fresher and more up-to-date, but they also enable JCAE to expand the number of ESL students served at Center of Grace to approximately 300.

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):  Student Success:  Support learners in achieving their educational goals.



  • Leann Eaken, Administrative Assistant • Continuing Education
  • Rachell McAlister, Administrative Assistant • Continuing Education
  • Hillary Callahan, Administrative Assistant • Continuing Education
  • Kathy Gill, Coordinator of Healthcare • Continuing Education

Nominated by Aimee Martin, Program Coordinator, Continuing Education


Accomplishment:  The Continuing Education Operations Administrative Assistant group had to step in and handle the summer youth, professional education and life and leisure programs when one of their colleagues left. This incredible group divided and conquered each week of enrollments, with minimum interruption. The instructors, parents and students were none the wiser to the changes that had happened. In the process they worked together to help each other out covering the various tasks all while handling their own program area responsibilities and starting to centralize tasks within Operations.

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):  The commitment by the group ties into the student success goal and community partnership goal. The students and community attendees in CE continued to be taken care of while never knowing that someone had left. They all received excellent customer service and timely answers to their questions and inquiries. The dedication of the CE Operations Administrative Assistant group is top notch and I and this college are very luck to have this group taking care of our clients, students, customers and instructors.



  • Ashley Conner, Testing Center Specialist • Continuing Education
  • Lisa Winscott, Assistant • Continuing Education
  • Jennifer Schrowe, Non-Credit Instructor • Adult Education & Literacy

Nominated by Debbie Rulo, Executive Director of Continuing Education


Accomplishment:  The Regnier Testing Center Administrators managed over 1,000 additional testers in FY22 compared to FY21.

FY21: 3,216        FY22: 4,298

The Regnier Testing Center has not had testing numbers this high since 2016. Taking on additional vendor partners has made a difference, as well as Testing Center Administrators backing each other up when someone is out. This team has made the difference. Great Job!

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):

This team supports JCCC’s Strategic Goals in the following ways:

Student Success: Support learners in achieving their educational goals.

Community Partnerships: Advance diverse and strategic partnerships.




  • Natasha Jenkins, Program Lead Instructor • Adult Education & Literacy
  • Julie Mulder, Non-Credit Instructor • Adult Education & Literacy
  • Michelle Elwood, Non-Credit Instructor • Adult Education & Literacy
  • Margery Downey,  Non-Credit Instructor • Adult Education & Literacy
  • Connie Berggren,  Non-Credit Instructor • Adult Education & Literacy
  • Jennifer Schrowe,  Non-Credit Instructor • Adult Education & Literacy

Nominated by Leslie Dykstra, Program Coordinator, Adult Education & Literacy


Accomplishment: This team worked all of August to register, test, provide orientation and individual student conferences for 270 students. They worked through staffing shortages to ensure every student had the best possible experience. They met JCAE, JCCCC, KBOR and student expectations along the way.


Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):


S1: Ensure our models of teaching and learning lead to student success.

S3: Create effective systems and pathways for students.



S3: Be a convener for issues that transform and strengthen our communities



S2: Develop and support an inclusive environment that empowers all students, faculty, and staff to succeed.



S2: Create and maintain an environment where employees are valued and belong.

S3: Develop a consistent culture of accountability, integrity, and equity.


August 26, 2022 – Extra Effort Awards

The Extra Effort Award is intended to recognize performance outside the job description of an individual employee. All JCCC employees are eligible. Click here for the new updated form. 


Billy Carpenter, Mechanic, Maintenance – nominated by Sandra Warner

Huge thanks to Billy Carpenter for all his hard work to design a color-coded labeling system for Emergency Water Shutoff locations at JCCC. He used CLB as the prototype, creating visual diagram(s) of water systems / excess flow shutoffs on the back of each door, tagging Fire Sprinklers and Domestic Water Mains as well as adding door signage on the 30+ mechanical spaces across campus. Billy’s expertise and attention to detail was critical to the success of this initiative and brings our Water Damage Program documentation to life.


Janette Jasperson, Coordinator, International Education – nominated by Brooke Roberts

Janette is an irreplaceable asset to International Education (and JCCC)! Her institutional knowledge, passion in working with students interested in studying abroad, and her network of relationships across campus have been essential in the rebuilding of IE post-pandemic. I’m grateful to have worked with her the past few months and I can’t imagine a more deserving person of this recognition.


Ann Fielder, Adjunct Faculty, College Success – nominated by Mary Rack

Ann is teaching AAC 092 Basic Math Review, an independent study course, Summer 2022. We are collaborating to support a student with severe special needs, so I have been able to observe Ann going above and beyond her usual care for students. She has maintained ongoing contact with the student and his support team, as well as devising alternate methods for teaching and testing him.


Julie Jobe, Senior Analyst, Accounts Payable – nominated by Vickki Jo Powers

Julie Jobe has been operating as the only Accounts Payable Analyst for the last month. Julie did not miss a beat to ensure bills were paid timely and in completing employee expense reports. Because of Julie’s commitment to the success of Accounts Payable, the fiscal year-end, which is a busy time for Financial Services, has gone smoothly.


Tenaye Reda, Housekeeping – nominated by Daniel Tamire

Tenaye is an outstanding housekeeper. I appreciate Tenaye’s work ethic and attention to detail. She strives to make a positive difference each day on the JCCC housekeeping team.


Tony Butler, Drafting Lab Supervisor, CSS – nominated by Kathryn Douglas

Tony hadn’t previously performed scheduling for the labs. He completed the process once, realized that it took a considerable amount of time and number of revisions to complete, and created a new schedule template that cut the entire process down to 1/10 of the previous time with fewer revisions required. His design inspired change in my scheduling process that also resulted in reduced time spent. Tony deserves this award because his efforts and insight led to him, his colleagues, and their departments significantly reducing time spent on scheduling each semester.


Kristi Stanley, Copywriter, Marketing – nominated by Maggie Stanton

Kristi is hard at work updating our Title XI information. She frequently takes on big projects like these and makes sure everything is done correctly. Her attention to detail makes her worthy of the Extra Effort Award!


Linda Turbyfill, Lead ESL Instructor, Adult Education – nominated by Ellie Parker

We were up to our eyeballs getting ready for the start of the semester when the copier started misbehaving. Linda lead the charge (along with about 2/3 of our staff – everyone was wondering if we were having a party in the workroom there were so many of us crowded in there trying to figure out what to do). By some miracle – mostly Linda’s stubborn determination and ingenuity, she got the copier working again! Thanks for saving the day, Linda! And in all seriousness, thanks for everything you do to support your colleagues, our program, and our students. You are an absolute joy to work with. We couldn’t do what we do without you.


Lisa Gates, Benefits Specialist, Human Resources – nominated by Jade Bailey

Lisa has been consistently helpful to Chris Patch (Writing Center Coordinator) and I since we both took on new roles in the Writing Center at the end of the Spring semester. She provides timely and thorough responses to our questions about the search and hiring process, and always with kindness and a genuine interest in helping us do our jobs most effectively. I can’t thank Lisa enough for her help these last couple of months – if I could give her a free coffee every day of the year, I would!


Mahogany Frazier, Procurement Specialist, Procurement Services – nominated by Jim Feikert

Mahogany is the glue to Procurement Services and recently was a mission critical piece to FY-End. She stopped her normal daily activities to work on 30 last minute POs that needed to be copied to new FY22 POs in order to assist Financial Services with the PO Roll process. She has also recently been challenged with some new contract processes and procedures not necessarily in her job description. She always goes above and beyond what she is asked to do and she does it with a smile and confidence! Thank you so much for all your work Mahogany!


Christa Byer, Digital Strategist, Strategic Communications & Marketing – nominated by Maggie Stanton

Notice how nice our web pages are looking? You can thank Christa! She has been updating and overhauling several department web pages back-to-back. Each new page has a fresher look that reads easier and aids in recruitment. Thanks, Christa!


Angie Huber, AO-K Coordinator, Adult Education – nominated by Janice Blansit

Whatever the need, Angie is quick to initiate action and jump in with a quality contribution. She is always on the lookout for new opportunities and relationships to benefit students. When one of our Transition Coaches resigned, Angie bridged the gap for months. When we needed extra staff to herd traffic for start-up at Center of Grace, Angie volunteered. When we needed support for orienting numerous new team members, Angie was on it. Whatever the need, Angie is quick to offer help, and her help is always of the highest quality and timeliness. We are delighted to have Angie on our team!


Nicole Davis, Success Coach, Orientation & New Student Retention – nominated by Becky Sears

Nicole Davis took the initiative to reach out to the JCAE transition coaches to learn more about the GED program. Her initiative opened the door for collaboration between our departments which will help JCAE GED graduates be successful at JCCC.


Michelle Caples, Administrative Assistant, Counseling – nominated by Natalie Bergman

Michelle is kind, patient and conscientious in everything she does. This week, she spent extra time helping a student make a last-minute Access Services appointment that would work with his schedule. Her extra effort made the student feel welcome at JCCC.


Ann Nordyke, Manager of Enrollment Services, Records – nominated by Leslie Quinn & Janet Kraft

I wanted to share this with you to recognize how amazing Ann is. She patiently, thoughtfully helps students, faculty, and staff with difficult situations that occur around the drop for nonpayment. It is often very challenging to solve some of these types of problems and she does so with grace and wisdom every time. Her extra effort to help students navigate complex, challenging enrollment barriers is a gift to this college and often occurs behind the scenes with little recognition. I am incredibly grateful to have her on my team and so appreciate her work. Not only has she dealt with the normal stress of our high volume August, she has also led her team through the additional effort of outbound calls to several hundred students who had registration errors and needed guidance to enroll. We are so lucky to have Ann leading the Student Development Specialist team. She consistently rises to meet challenges and goes above and beyond to help our students.


Ann valiantly rescued and secured alternate sections for a fall student who’d been dropped due to my oversight on fall payment deadline day. Both the student and I remain extremely grateful for her thoroughness, willingness to reach out to both the student & JCCC internal departments to secure his coursework. The “Village” saying wouldn’t work without the individual expertise and abilities of people like Ann.


Julie Sisk, Program Support Specialist, IISS – nominated by Kim Steinmetz

Julie joined the IISS team in July and has hit the ground running! She has picked up job duties quickly and has taken a lot of initiative. She brought some new ideas to the orientation for student icebreakers and helped students feel welcome. Julie has gone above and beyond to integrate into the team. We’re lucky to have her.


Alyssa Slana, Tutor Coordinator, Academic Achievement Center – nominated by Kaitlin Krumsick

As we prepare to welcome students back this Fall, Alyssa has put in so much work into reimagining the AAC Tutoring program, ensuring that we are best serving the needs of students and staff. She has also worked hard in outreach efforts to academic departments, athletics, and other partners on campus to make sure that students, faculty, and staff are aware of the great resources we have on campus. Alyssa is dedicated to the work of student support and puts forth extra effort daily to make sure the people she works with feel heard, supported, and served.


Janet Kraft, Billing & Accounts Receivable Specialist, Bursar’s Office – nominated by Courtney Price

Janet has gone above and beyond making me feel welcome here at JCCC. She has done a wonderful job of showing me the ropes and being so kind!


Ashley Jost, Coordinator, Financial Aid – nominated by Judi Reilly

More and more corporate donors are requesting from the JCCC Foundation specific information on financial needs of JCCC students overall. To provide this information, the Foundation turned to Financial Aid for help. Ashley Jost worked diligently to identify the requested information but it wasn’t simple because FAFSA information had to be converted to the information donors were requesting. Thanks to Ashley’s efforts, the Foundation has already been able to secure two $5,000 gifts for student scholarships from corporate donors. More is expected because this information is being requested often. Now we have information to submit. Thank you Ashley!


July 28, 2022 – Extra Effort & Team Effort Awards


Troy Dooling, Plumber, Maintenance – nominated by Allen Barton
Troy does all backflows in repair and replacement, is helpful in doing a job, and is always looking for plumbing to fix from major to little jobs. He helps others and regularly asks for information on how to fix or repair problems.


Maggie Stanton, Marketing Copywriter, Strategic Marketing Operations – nominated by Kristi Stanley
While helping out one of her coworkers, Maggie created the awesome advertising headline for JCCC: “Start here. Go anywhere.” It speaks volumes, and tells prospective students in just a few words what a JCCC education can do for them. The popular headline has been used on everything from ads on buses to billboards to print and digital ads promoting the College. Fun fact: Maggie also coined the term “Sprintern” when she worked as an intern for Sprint. That concept was featured in an advertising campaign with Verizon-turned-Sprint guy “Paul” and a “Sprintern.”


Ana Lim, Executive Assistant, President’s Office – nominated by Caitlin Murphy
Ana continues to go above and beyond in her role. She is always willing to help out in any way needed and continually gets tasks done early. In particular, she rearranged her entire schedule last week to cover my duties while I was out on vacation –  it was a HUGE help. I would have come back to work with an overwhelming to do list had Ana not been so helpful!


John Adessi, Business Advisor, Small Business Development Center – nominated by Vincent Haworth
We have a mutual client that was in the process of purchasing a business; the buyer was in a very time sensitive situation and needed specific statistics for his loan request. John was on vacation, but still took time to send the necessary information so the client could move forward with his loan request. The client was able to use this information and was able to secure an offer from the bank! Thank You, John!


Steven Piper, Fitness Center Monitor, Health & Wellness – nominated by Lori Mallory
Steven Piper is a monitor in the LFC. He works the 6a-9am shift, which is not a desirable time. He comes ready to work, helpful to patrons, and always full of ideas for improvement. Steve is a retired postal employee, so it is in his blood to serve others with a smile, come rain or shine. We appreciate his effort to keep JCCC a welcome place to visit.

The virtual Extra Effort Award nomination form can be found at



  • Bret Lawson, Senior Cloud Engineer • Academic Technology Services
  • Tim Lucas, Senior Cloud Sys/App Administrator • Academic Technology Services
  • Jeff Morgan, Senior Cloud Sys/App Administrator • Academic Technology Services
  • Sen Lin, ATS System Support Technician • Academic Technology Services

Nominated by Adam Entwhistle, Director of Academic Cloud Architecture/Infrastructure

Accomplishment: Successful start of term(s) – The Academic Technology Services – Cloud Systems Team represents a quality distinct to its own, and their work ethic not only comes forward in their regular duties, but as a team they take a number of lead roles when working to update academic server hardware/software, academic cloud based infrastructure, systems administration and processing the necessary communication required to detail items of a technical nature to professors, adjunct instructors and cross campus staff. These efforts efficiently coordinate timelines, downtime and notifications to academic areas both on and off campus, assisting in face-to-face, hybrid and virtual learning. The systems team’s technical endeavors are not always noticed or present in the open, but can be monitored by having a successful start of a semester; having limited student ticket requests and support phone calls into the Technical Services Center on systems like Canvas, IT VMware Virtual Environments; accessing Student Active Directory services, VPN account access, Cisco NetLab, Papercut and all of the integrations intertwined into academic systems. Having completed the last spring, fall and most recently the start of the summer semester with limited systems outages while completing several other internal projects, their efforts are on full display. This work goes above and beyond and in regards for team effort, showcases the robust use of technology on campus and in virtual cloud environments. Their work directly benefits the students and staff we serve. Cheers from a technology standpoint to another successful start of term!

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):  The team’s hard work supports the Student Success strategic goal by creating and maintaining effective systems and pathways for students. They accomplished this by diligently supporting student learning through completing daily tasks and accomplishing larger goals, all related to the technological initiatives of the school.


  • Lisa Crawford, Career Development Coach • Career Development Center
  • Natalie Price, Career Development Coach • Career Development Center
  • Ashley Kretzschmer, Career Development Coach • Career Development Center

Nominated by Crystal Stokes, Coordinator, Career Development Center

Accomplishment:  The Career Development Coaches went above and beyond to help a non-traditional student build self-confidence by patiently working with the student for several weeks to develop job search strategies, effective interviewing skills, and appropriate interview attire. The Career Coaches provided encouragement and words of affirmation to the student, and it all paid off in the end because the student utilized the strategies she learned and obtained employment with JCCC. Way to go Career Coaches!!

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):  The team’s hard work supports the Student Success strategic goal by creating and maintaining effective systems and pathways for students and ensuring that our models of teaching and learning lead to student success. They accomplished this through their approach to coaching, as evidenced by the positive results.


  • Sam Schunck, Student Support Technician • Technical Support Center
  • Aaron Capito, Student Support Technician • Technical Support Center

Nominated by Mark Barbosa, Technical Support Center Manager

Accomplishment:  Sam and Aaron’s amazing presence at our TSC table during Cav Craze Days brought in a record number of applicants for our Student Support Technician position. From that single event, we are currently onboarding 4 new students to our team. Great effort and truly great teamwork!

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):  The team’s hard work supports the Student Success strategic goal by creating and maintaining effective systems and pathways for students. They accomplished this through their successful efforts to engage students in work opportunities on campus that will support them financially and in experience.

Extra Effort & Team Effort Awards: May 10, 2022

Ruth Schweitzer, ATS Support Technician, Office Computing Support – nominated by Mike Fluke

Ruth helps to support the Student Services branch. Recently received an order of new laptop for the Counseling Center. Ruth imaged the bulk of the laptops (the order was for 33 devices) and configured them. She worked with the counselors to schedule a delivery time with each Counselor. She delivered more than half of the laptops with the least impact on the staff’s time, allowing them to assist students. Ruth is a valuable team member for the Office Support Team.


Sherry Buhler, ATS Support Technician, Office Computing Support – nominated by James Drone

Sherry returned to IS after being gone for many years, she has been getting refamiliarized with IS work flow and the ways we accomplish the work. She is always willing to help and make sure our clients are getting the assistance they need in a timely manner. Sherry offers help to coworkers as needed and asks questions as they may arise.

Thank you Sherry and it is great to have you back on our team.


Inna Verzhbytska, Adjunct Professor of French, Foreign Language Department – nominated by Christina Wolff

Inna has worked many hours to help with selecting the French books for the department. I appreciate her time and dedication!


Jeri Lowe Howell, Adjunct Professor of French, Foreign Language Department – nominated by Christina Wolff

Jeri has worked many hours to help with selecting the French books for the department. I appreciate her time and dedication! 


Eric Elisabeth, Chemistry Professor, Chemistry Department – nominated by Christina Wolff

Eric facilitates the French table for students and members of the community. We appreciate him!


Sandy Rieger, Foundation Operations Manager, JCCC Foundation – nominated by Rachel Walter

With our Development Officer on sabbatical and our department going through the transition of a new Executive Director, Sandy has taken on many different aspects of those two positions. Her willingness to help, however possible, truly shines bright!


Tony Butler, Drafting Computer Lab Supervisor, Client Support Services, Information Services – nominated by Kim Manifold

In the past six months, Tony has been asked to take on additional duties as a supervisor and transition his focus to a broader vision. He has taken on more direct reports as well as new job responsibilities. He has met each of these requests and tasks with a willingness to take on more. His extra effort is much appreciated by the department!


During the Spring 2022 semester, the virtual Extra Effort Awards will be announced monthly.  The virtual Extra Effort Award nomination form can be found at



  • Sandy Rieger, Manager, Foundation Operations • JCCC Foundation
  • Susan Black, Foundation Accountant • JCCC Foundation
  • Terri Laddusaw, Administrative Assistant • JCCC Foundation
  • Rachel Walter, Development Assistant • JCCC Foundation

Nominated by Kate Allen, Vice President of College Advancement & Government Affairs, JCCC Foundation

Accomplishment: The Foundation team has done an outstanding job managing all Foundation operations in the absence of not only an Executive Director since March 11, but their Development Director who is on sabbatical this semester. Their small office has gone from 6 people to 4 and they have worked extra hours to keep the wheels on. Specifically, they have successfully managed the awarding of hundreds of unique scholarships, fulfilled countless program requests, completed the Foundation’s IRS 990 draft (which involves nearly $50 million in assets), developed a slate of new Foundation board members, successfully executed the Foundation’s Annual Luncheon in May, created a new budget for FY22, and completed a very successful hiring process for a new leader who will begin July 1. These women make up a great team and their work has resulted in life changing support to more than 1,500 students, multiple college departments, and local community partners. We are grateful and proud to call them colleagues!


Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):  The team’s hard work supports Community Partnerships  strategic goal through their commitment to maintaining and growing connections within the community for the advancement and benefit of the college. They accomplished this under the less-than-ideal circumstances of having 2 colleagues out of the office for prolonged periods, and by collaborating and adapting in a way that was above and beyond the call of duty.

June 20: Extra Effort & Team Effort Awards


Billy Carpenter
, Acting Plumbing/Electrical Supervisor, Maintenance – nominated by Troy Dooling

Billy has a wonderful impact on morale and is always stepping up to get things done. He goes above and beyond.

Jack Ireland, Associate Professor, Automotive Technology – nominated by Britton Hill

I see Jack constantly going above and beyond. Two specific ways were he reached out individually to students to make sure they were getting registered for the classes they needed to stay on track in the program, and he stepped up continuing my mentorship when my assigned mentor was out on extended leave.

Jean Keating, Accounting Clerk/Admin Assistant, Dining Services – nominated by Jason Arnett

Beyond her normal work in Dining, Jean has been instrumental in working with IS and an outside vendor to ensure that the new Chick-fil-A ordering system worked on day one. Endless emails, endless in-person visits to the CFA space to see “Did this work?” “How about this” “Okay, NOW does this work?”, as well as spending time assembling the new remote order kiosks which were delayed by more than a year. Her determination to get things right for our customers is inspirational. Throughout it all, even when she’s frustrated, Jean keeps the customer in mind in order to make their dining experience better.

Andrew Woody, Catering Manager, Dining Services – nominated by Jill Sigler

For Project SEARCH, I mentioned that I would like the lunches for the interns early, so I could put the interns’ names to them. Andrew immediately responded that Dining Services would be happy to put the interns’ names on the lunches since they were labeling to identify what was in the lunches. The day of their graduation, the client had several last minute needs, a cart to move boxes, mirror cleaner, several linens needed to be changed and their program ended 30 minutes early, causing the reception to begin 30 minutes early. Every time I went into the kitchen to ask for something, Andrew greeted me with a smile and easily accommodated our needs. At the end of the event, Andrew heard the client team talking about needing gluten-free options for next year and Andrew took time to tell the client what options were available, including Rice Krispie treats, that he thought the interns might really like. Thank you Andrew!!

Lynda Markway, Notetaking Coordinator/Interpreter, Access Services – nominated by Holly Dressler

Lynda took a leading role in the planning and organization of our Access Services retreat. She developed creative team building activities, kept the planning on track, and worked through every detail. Our retreat was a tremendous success because of the organization and planning led by Lynda, that was above and beyond her job duties.

Alicia Groenhagen, Administrative Assistant, Financial Services – nominated by Rachel Lierz

In addition to her normal duties and keeping our office running smoothly, Alicia has taken on tasks to assist Accounts Payable. She has enabled our weekly check run process to run more efficiently by proofing invoices for payment and sending late notices for expense reports. Thanks for all that you do, Alicia – we appreciate you!!

Indra Mursid, Counselor, Counseling – nominated by Lindsay Blanchard

Indra is always so welcoming and goes above and beyond for students. I’ve seen her take extra time for walk-ins at the counseling center, and she is always willing to jump in when needed. Even among colleagues she is intentional about checking to see how others are doing and starting conversations to build community. She has been covering for another counselor while they were on Sabbatical and will be leaving soon, and I have especially appreciated her example knowing that she was purposeful in the time she was here to impact both students and her coworkers.

Susie Illig, Assistant Teacher, Hiersteiner Child Development Center – nominated by Sally Keeton

Susie agreed to work the week of June 13 in our Hideaway Woods classroom as the new summer semester began. I am her supervisor and had scheduled the week as vacation several months earlier before I knew that two of the lead teachers would also be absent for personal reasons. Susie had a critical doctor’s appointment scheduled during that week and she rescheduled that appointment to cover the classroom staffing.

Aaron Capito, Student Support Technician Lead, Client Support Services – nominated by Kathryn Douglas

Aaron exemplifies excellence in his role as the Lead Student Support Technician. He not only excels at his job requirements, but he also goes beyond by helping nurture a team environment, displaying consistent willingness to help other members of the team, eagerly joining projects, offering well-considered ideas that positively impact our jobs, and genuinely caring about our team and the students and staff we serve.


The virtual Extra Effort Award nomination form can be found at


Krystal Anton, Manager • Sustainability
Angelina Ortega, Intern • Sustainability
Jack Leever, Intern • Sustainability
Niko Lee, Intern • Sustainability
Dylan Turner, Intern • Sustainability
Miriam Elbertai, Intern • Sustainability
Laura Stewart, Intern • Sustainability
Kiley Collier, Intern • Sustainability

Nominated by Jason Brunkan, Senior Multimedia Engineer & Event Specialist, Audio Visual Services

Accomplishment: Since the New Year, Multimedia Services has installed or swapped out dozens of monitors on campus ranging from 50-86 inches. The Sustainability group has come in behind us and discarded all of our trash and recycling, helping our department maintain pace and meet our deadlines. They also have helped us clean our library dock of old electronic and metal equipment as we prepare and make room for newer equipment to arrive before the fall semester installs. We are very grateful for them and want to make sure they are recognized for the hard work they do not only for us, but for the rest of campus. Thank you to Krystal, Kiley and the team!!!

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):  The team’s hard work supports the Employee Engagement strategic goal by creating and maintaining an environment where employees are valued and belong. They accomplished this by validating the work of their fellow employees through their considerate, impactful actions.

May 26, 2022: Extra Effort Awards & Team Effort Awards

Heidi McCormick, Office Assistant, Athletics – nominated by Tyler Cundith

Heidi always performs duties that are above and beyond her job description. She is extremely dedicated and always wants the best for our student-athletes.


Jimmy Keaton & Bill Howard, Police Officers, JCCC Police Department – nominated by Lisa Gates

It was Friday afternoon, I left work late after a long week, and was ready to unwind and relax! As I approached my car in the Galileo lot, I noticed I had a flat tire. And I mean FLAT flat. There was a big ol’ screw (pic attached) sticking out of it. UGH! I stood frozen with frustration about how the plans for my evening just took a major turn. It had been a long time since I had experienced anything like this, so what did I do? I text my dad, of course! Lol He was busy so he suggested AAA but I knew that would take forever and I couldn’t remember if I even had it anymore. I texted a couple of coworkers who offered words of sympathy and one of them even came out to see if I was ok. I thanked her and sent her on her way because she couldn’t do anything to help and I didn’t want her evening ruined, too! (THANKS, Sara!!) I then called the JCCC police department. Within a few short minutes, Officers Bill Howard and Jimmy Keaton came to my rescue! While Jimmy filled my tire with air, Bill was calling Burnett Automotive across the street to see if they could get me in to fix my flat. Once we determined it was a slow leak, Office Howard followed me across the street to make sure I made it ok, while Jimmy was off to save someone else in need. Burnett had me in and out of there in about 20 minutes and fixed my tire for only about $30. What I thought was going to ruin my entire evening only delayed me about an hour. PHEW! THIS is why I LOVE working for JCCC!!


Ana Lim, Part-Time Executive Assistant, President’s Office – nominated by Christina Zelinski

Ana has helped train me over the past 5 weeks.  Whenever I’ve asked her to re-visit some training procedure, she has always been willing & even excited to assist me.  She continues to go beyond in order to help me succeed.  Ana brings great skills to JCCC and when she leaves to pursue her education, JCCC will lose a great asset.


Tristian Hughes, Office Assistant, Olathe Health Education Center Operations – Nominated by Stephanie Belford & Megan Bukaty

Tristian is the first person you see when you walk into the Olathe Health Education Center, greeting everyone with a welcoming smile. She goes above and beyond to communicate and support her colleagues in so many different ways. Each semester she provides an enormous amount of assistance to our team by helping to check-in and verify required documentation for hundreds of candidates taking CNA state licensing exams. Tristian is proactive and always happy to pitch in and help with anything that is thrown her way. Her great communication skills and willingness to be of service make a huge impact in the safety and smooth operations at OHEC and we are so thankful for all that she does!


Bill Carpenter, Electrical Mechanic, Maintenance – nominated by Allen Barton

Bill’s always helping out other people; taking charge and getting jobs lined out; taking over Marc’s job when he’s gone; ordering parts; and keeping all informed on jobs going on campus. Thanks.


During the Spring 2022 semester, the virtual Extra Effort Awards will be announced monthly.  The virtual Extra Effort Award nomination form can be found at




  • Faye Martin, Custodial Supervisor, Housekeeping
  • Aaron Manning, Coordinator, Housekeeping & Custodial Services
  • The Housekeeping team


Nominated by Anne Hunt, Manager of Conference Services & Room Scheduling, Scheduling & Event Management


Accomplishment: This entire team recently stepped up to help set up for an event on a Saturday afternoon. We had a limited time frame in which to set up the conference center for a large event. Many came in on their day off to assist with the set up and assure that it was set on time. We could not have held the event without their assistance, and we greatly appreciate the extra effort that this team put forth to ensure that this event could happen.


Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):  The team’s hard work supports Community Partnerships strategic goal through their commitment to hosting an outside group’s event. They accomplished this by working within time constraints and coming in on their day off to make sure the event ran seamlessly.




  • Zach Gredlics, Program Coordinator, Continuing Education
  • Gretchen Merritt, Program Coordinator, Continuing Education


Nominated by Tim Frenzel, Director of Programming, Continuing Education


Accomplishment: Between people moving, leaving and taking new roles, CE is down 4 of our 6 Program Coordinators. Zach and Gretchen have taken on two large program areas on top of their usual content areas. They have both worked hard to learn everything about the new areas and how to improve what we are doing.


Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):  The team’s hard work supports the Employee Engagement strategic goal through the encouragement of employee growth. They have accomplished this by going above and beyond to make sure those employees seeking continuing education opportunities are having their needs met.



Extra Effort Awards – 12/7/2021

Cara Anderson, Office Assistant, JCAE – Nominated by Kayla Harrity
Cara works at our Antioch Library location but has been working extra hours at our West Park location on her days off to allow us to get caught up on some projects. She is very positive and is always asking what else she can do to help. Her assistance at West Park has been an immense help!


David Bobbitt, Programmer Analyst, Enterprise Application Support – Nominated by Mark Zolton
I received the following email from one of David’s coworkers regarding his contribution to troubleshooting a recent issue with Payroll.

Wanted to pass along that David really save the day with his outstanding troubleshooting for the contribution file.  Payroll came across the error early this afternoon and have been troubleshooting throughout the afternoon which had to be resolved today. Pulled in Payroll, Connor, David, and myself to later troubleshoot as a group and we are good to go with the contribution file sent to TIAA!  Good work David!


Andrea Broomfield, Chair, Professor English, English Department – Nominated by Larry Reynolds
Aside from her normal Chair duties, Andrea has gone out of her way to modernize the department’s website, meet with adjuncts to build relationships, create an English Pathway(s), coordinate the work on a Professional Writing Certificate, help develop two Special Topics classes, coordinate work on a co-requisite learning model, and did extensive work on KBOR General Education Requirements at the request of the CAO.


Alexis Burley, Orientation and Office Aide/Work study – Nominated by Brent Haverkamp
In the lead up to Thanksgiving, Alexis initiated and coordinated a “I am Thankful for…” paper hand turkey craft for the Success Advocate team. Alexis created the paper turkeys and then asked everyone on the team to write on their turkey 5 things they are thankful for. Once everyone was done, she posted all the turkeys in the Success Advocates workspace for everyone on the team to see. This was a nice opportunity to pause and reflect on our own blessings and to share in the joy of the great things that are going on in the lives of our teammates.


Amy Cruz, Office Asst JCAE • Adult Education & Literacy Nominated by Leslie Dykstra
Amy is new to JCAE this year and has been a huge support to our students, staff, and program. Amy supported JCAE in its renewed pilot of AccuCampus. She has worked alongside Leslie to make AccuCampus a success for both students and staff. Amy continues to find ways to make it easier to generate reports and provide information to instructors daily. She has helped to streamline our attendance process. We are so fortunate to have her on our staff.


Michelle Elwood, Antioch Lead Instructor, JCAENominated by Leslie Dykstra
Michelle came up with the idea of providing real-world science experiments to JCAE students. She researched, wrote the lesson plans, and implemented this opportunity.  All JCAE students who had not passed the Science GED test joined together at West Park for a Science class. Michelle set-up experiments for students to do. She focused on the scientific method, vocabulary, and the most commonly missed questions on the GED exam. Students then took the Science GED Ready (practice) exam. Michelle’s hard work paid off in a HUGE way.  90+% of students felt more confident and prepared to take the Science GED test. Students were able to connect book learning with hands-on tools and find success on the practice GED test. We look forward to expanding on Michelle’s idea next semester.


Mike Fluke, Senior Enterprise Desk Engineer, Academic Technology ServicesNominated by Kim Steinmetz
Mike has done wonderful work supporting our staff with technology needs throughout the pandemic. We recently converted to laptops and Mike did a lot of work to ensure we’re able to access our computers. The transition went smoothly thanks to his support. Mike always goes above and beyond to help staff.



Travis Garrod, Senior Enterprise Desktop Engineer, Academic Technology ServicesNominated by Brenda Edmonds
Travis worked tirelessly over the end of the week of October 11 and into the next week to troubleshoot and implement a fix for a serious technology problem that affected nearly all Math faculty. The editing app that was used to create and edit nearly all math equations in our documents became incompatible with Microsoft Word, and the method to fix the problem was not straightforward. Travis worked with math faculty and engineers at the software company to figure out how to fix the problem, and then implement the solution remotely. Thank you, Travis!


Lisa Gates, HR Generalist, Human Resources
Lisa Sullivan, HR Benefits Specialist, Human Resources – Nominated by Sara Hartman
Since the day I joined JCCC, their continued support is something I can always count on. They have shown me patience and given me their time and expertise whenever needed. I am not only grateful to have landed at JCCC, but also on a team that truly cares for one-another.


Darren Jenkins, Senior Cloud Sys/Application Adm., Academic Technology ServicesNominated by Beth Edmonds
Darren Jenkins has consistently “taken care of” the mathematics department (faculty, students, and staff) for many years now. Any need we express; Darren is always there to fulfill that need or help us to find resolution. Darren’s unfailing good nature and his expertise has made him a real asset for us. His name is well-known by us all as the person to call if you need help.


Chelsea Pyle, Office Assistant, JCAE – Nominated by Kayla Harrity
Chelsea is an evening Office Assistant at our Olathe location. We recently need some extra help to complete a project at West Park. Chelsea swooped into to save the day! She came for some daytime hours, even though she had to that evening as well, and made a huge difference in our ability to get the project done.


Tim Poholsky, Senior Enterprise Desk, Academic Technology – Nominated by Angela King
I needed a new docking station for my laptop since it was new.  Tim immediately called me to see what I needed and came by my office right after my class. Tim went above and beyond because he removed everything from my setup and started over.  He removed various cables and power bricks and rearranged things to be neater. He had to reconnect everything too.  He reconnected the keyboard and mouse to the laptop also. He even asked for dusting rags to clean up all the dust (I went to the restroom to get paper towels for him.) He even dusted! It was a mess and he made everything look and function better. I now have more room on my desk too. He was so helpful. Thank you!


Janet Reh, Kitchen Aide, Hiersteiner Child Development – Nominated by Mary Thibault
Janet has risen to the occasion and taken on more responsibilities in the absence of a staff member.  She is willing to learn new recipe’s and explore new foods.  She has maintained a positive attitude during this time.


Natalie Spar, Writing Center Tutor, Writing Center – Nominated by Lindsay Blanchard
Natalie serves all her students with such care and is an inspiration and wonderful teammate to work with. I have seen her get tissues for a crying student and encourage them to take a walking break before tutoring while she looked over their paper before they came back. For another student, Natalie took over an hour to help them with their Chromebook and walk them through calling IT for solving technology problems.


Ruth Schweitzer, ATS Support Technician, ISNominated by Kim Steinmetz
Ruth offered crucial support to our team’s technology needs throughout the pandemic. We recently transitioned to laptops and Ruth helped ensure all of us were able to get up and running. Ruth always supports us and goes above and beyond to help!


Stephen Taylor, Maintenance Mechanic • Maintenance, Campus Services
Brad Schmit, Maintenance Mechanic • Maintenance, Campus Services – Nominated by Brett Edwards
Stephen and Brad were first on the scene for the CLB Fire Sprinkler flood on October 27th from Maintenance.  Their quick thinking and response were key to preventing more damage to the building.  They stayed with the problem making sure everyone was aware, how and what happened as well as assisting after the problem was isolated in helping the water extraction team get setup.


Star Triscornia, Counselor, Counseling Center – Nominated by Angie Claussen
Star has done an outstanding job of completely revamping our schedule to include virtual and face to face services. There are many layers and complications to making sure we are meeting students where they are and with what they need. Star has succeeded with excellence!


During the Fall 2021 semester, the virtual Extra Effort Awards will be announced monthly.  The virtual Extra Effort Award nomination form can be found at


Extra Efforts – 11/3/2021

Shane Cockrum, Custodian, Housekeeping ServicesNominated by Leann Eaken
Shane went beyond my request in cleaning a carpet area in the RC 146 classroom. He not only took care of the stains but cleaned the majority of the classroom and it really refreshed the room!

Melissa Daggett, Lab Technician, Life SciencesNominated by Heather Seitz
Melissa has gone above and beyond in stepping in to prep labs outside her area. She has organized our teaching lab, provided incredible support to new faculty and adjuncts, and has helped to coordinate moving plans for our labs.

Danielle Gallegos, Success Advocate, Orientation & New Student Retention – Nominated by Alisa Pacer
Danielle has been working since January 2021 as part of the Contact Tracing Team in addition to her regular duties.  We are thrilled to have her on the team.  She goes above and beyond every single day to help with COVID case investigation, reporting and tracking.

Mary Hanover, Administrative Assistant, Business DivisionNominated by Gwenda Hawk
Across campus, those who are responsible for keying the class schedules have had an incredibly difficult job due to COVID-19, including Mary Hanover in the Business Division, the past few semesters I have seen her (and asked her to) build a semester schedule, only to change it significantly and ask her to re-build it–on multiple occasions! She has executed this responsibility (among her other responsibilities) diligently and without complaint or demonstrating frustration (though she must have felt some, as we all have). I have communicated with her about making emergency changes to the schedule to accommodate pandemic needs on weekends and evenings. Thank you for going the extra mile to support students and faculty and staff across JCCC!

Man Ho, Lab Technician Hospitality, Hospitality ManagementNominated by Jerry Marcellus
Man Ho is responsible for the day to day maintenance and cleanliness of the culinary/baking labs in the WHCA. He is the invisible force that works tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure the labs are functioning properly for the students and the instructors. He works tirelessly every day and executes his duties to the highest levels and beyond.

Nominated by Damian Fraase
Man Ho is an unwavering, and tireless employee who makes sure all our kitchens and equipment in the WHCA are organized, clean and in proper use. He sets our atrium for special events, does daily laundry, and helps Ms. Bridget with food deliveries and stocking those deliveries in the storeroom. Man Ho is a positive, impactful employee who deserves this recognition.

Nominated by Chrystal Tatum
Man consistently goes above and beyond for our department. He is the person you can always count on to pitch in and help. Many times, this semester I have been overwhelmed being left alone to finish tasks and he has stepped in and lent a hand.

Dixie Johnson, Administrative Assistance, Emergency ManagementNominated by Alisa Pacer
Dixie has been working since the beginning of the pandemic 2020- 2021 as part of the Contact Tracing Team in addition to her regular incident response duties.  We are thrilled to have her on the team.  She goes above and beyond every single day to help with COVID case investigation, reporting and tracking.  She is a great team lead for contact tracing efforts at JCCC

Georgia Livingston, Administrative Assistant, RecordsNominated by Alisa Pacer
Georgia has been working since January 2021 as part of the Contact Tracing Team in addition to her regular duties.  We are thrilled to have her on the team.  She goes above and beyond every single day to help with COVID case investigation, reporting and tracking.

Debbie Stoerman, Classification & Compensation Specialist, Human ResourcesNominated by Samantha Williams
Debbie has been so kind and gracious to come over to 274 whenever I need any help or have any questions, or even just takes the time to train me on something when it became relevant. She trained me when everyone was out, on top of her regular work duties. She always has the best attitude!

Dr. Sandra Warner, Executive Director – Mission Continuity & Risk ManagementNominated by Justin McDaid
Dr. Warner created and developed a team for the purposes of building a viable Mission Continuity program at JCCC. In simple language, Sandra brought together the people, knowledge, and resources that made the plan that kept JCCC in operation throughout much of the past two years. It can’t be overstated how important these efforts were to the continued smooth operation of the college, and the ability for us to serve our students and community.

Beth West, Head Athletic Trainer, Athletic DepartmentNominated by Alisa Pacer
Beth has been working since the beginning of the pandemic 2020-2021 as part of the Contact Tracing Team focused on all student athletes in addition to her regular duties.  We are thrilled to have her on the team.  She goes above and beyond every single day to help with COVID case investigation, reporting and tracking with lots of afterhours support.

Audio Visual Services Team:
Adrian Swan, Manager, Multimedia Services,
Jason Brunkan, Senior Multimedia Eng. & Event Specialist
Derek Nester, Senior Multimedia Eng. & Event Specialist
Marc Leacox, Senior Multimedia Eng. & Event Specialist
Jeff Taylor, Multimedia Eng. & Event Specialist
Jim Matt, Multimedia Eng. & Event Specialist
Larry Smith, Multimedia Eng. & Event Specialist
Josh Yoder, Multimedia Eng. & Event Specialist

– Nominated by Tai Edwards

For the last year, but especially over the summer and fall of 2021, the Audio-Visual Services team has been instrumental to so many facets of campus operations. They facilitate meetings that are hybrid or over zoom, they coordinate, manage, and provide technical support to zoom webinars that are for both instruction and public programming. It’s almost like everything we’re doing right now requires their assistance and expertise. This team has always been central to campus success, but more so now than ever, their work is critical to our flexibility and “meeting people/students where they are” services. Sometimes I marvel at just how many of my own meetings, zoom events, etc. require one or more members of this team. Audio Visual Services is critical infrastructure at JCCC that serves every aspect of our population. I am exceedingly grateful for their work and find their expertise critical to my service to students and the community. Thank you!!



During the Fall 2021 semester, the virtual Extra Effort Awards will be announced monthly.  The virtual Extra Effort Award nomination form can be found at


Extra Effort Awards – September 24, 2021

Electra Arzola, Recruiter, Human Resources – Nominated Anonymously
Electra has really stepped up and gone above and beyond during the transition in Human Resources.  She has a positive attitude and is always willing to step in and figure it out to get the job done.  She is an exceptional asset to the HR team, and we’re so thankful she chose JCCC.


Sasha Edelman, Administrative Assistant, Science Division/Life Sciences – Nominated by Jennifer Menon Parker
Sasha has been brilliant at being able to pivot while building our complicated schedules.  As COVID continues to be an issue, Sasha has worked on the weekends and late in the evenings to capture the various changes that faculty have been forced to make to optimize the delivery platforms for our students.  She does all of this with quiet grace and outstanding efficiency.  We all owe her a debt of gratitude.  Her diligence has allowed our division to continue to grow even in the face of these challenging times.


Joyce Friedel, Administrative Assistant, Academic Achievement Center – Nominated by Valerie Mann
Joyce is an administrative assistant in the Academic Achievement Center, who has distinguished herself as a great support for students on the 1st floor of the Academic Resource Centers.  She goes above and beyond to provide great customer service, help students find their way, and customize her help to make being a college student even better!
She has helped institute the proctoring this fall for the Language Resource Center and administers these assessments as a help to the director on the weekends and when needed.  She also treats students with kindness and solves their needs for a study room in a way that helps make the process pleasant! We feel so glad to have her as part of our team!


Nancy Waters, Learning Specialist, Academic Achievement Center – Nominated by Kaitlin Krumsick
Nancy is such a bright and encouraging presence in the AAC.  She has gone above and beyond in the first few weeks of the semester, helping students get adjusted to collegiate coursework.  Even in challenging circumstances, Nancy is positive and always works hard to solve the problem.  She has also been so helpful in making sure the AAC is running smoothly for all staff and students.


Becky Sears, Computer Lab Instructor, JCAE
Jennifer Schrowe, Computer Lab Instructor, JCAE
– Nominated by Leslie Dykstra
Becky and Jennifer work so hard to get all our testing materials ready for our students in August. They help with all JCAE programs, ABE/GED, English Connection and ESL. Becky and Jennifer helped over 500 students test and get prepared for classes to begin. They always say, “yes” and “how can I help?” We are so lucky to have them on our team.


During the Fall 2021 semester, the virtual Extra Effort Awards will be announced monthly.  The virtual Extra Effort Award nomination form can be found at


Extra Effort Awards – September 1, 2021

Karen Koehn, Life Science Lab Coordinator, Science – Nominated by Jennifer Menon Parker

Karen has done an outstanding job organizing and executing the plan for packing, moving, and distribution of lab materials for the human sciences.  Her open lab personnel cleaned as well as sorted models into the various categories prior to the redistribution into either swing space, storage, or surplus.  All inventories were completed well before the projected deadline.  We couldn’t have done it without her.


Glenda Land, Executive Assistant, Human Resources – Nominated by Susan Hoffman

We are so lucky to have Glenda on the HR team!  She started at JCCC in June and stepped up to help the Staff Development & Training area organize the communication logistics for the Fall Service Pin Award Celebration.  That sounds easy enough, but it’s really an ongoing communication with over 275 JCCC employees.  Glenda’s welcoming communication style and professionalism made employee’s feel comfortable in attending the first “in-person” Service Pin Celebration in over a year.  Thank you, Glenda for your Extra Effort!


Jeff Mayo, Sr. Systems Engineer, Network & Data Center Operations – Nominated by Derrick Lane

Jeff regularly goes out of his way to support the IT Security Office, oftentimes with very short notice. Also, for his work in developing and implementing key components to automate the Minfraud security output tool.


James Trezvant, Housekeeping Warehouser, Housekeeping Services – Nominated by Leslie Dykstra

James has been amazing this summer with all the moving we have done at West Park and Antioch. We have struggled with making sure we have all our requests written and submitted correctly and James has picked up where we struggled and helped us manage getting all the correct furniture to the correct places and on time. James always arrives with a smile on his face and willing spirit to help. We wouldn’t be prepared for our students this fall if it wasn’t for James.


Julie Mulder, Adult Education & Literacy

Traci Jensen, Adult Education & Literacy

Michelle Elwood, Adult Education & Literacy

Margery Downey, Adult Education & Literacy

Connie Berggren, Adult Education & Literacy

– Nominated by Leslie Dykstra

The ABE/GED & EC Lead Instructors have done an incredible job of welcoming over 200 new students to JCAE’s program. Greeting each student with a warm welcome, encouraging smile and determination to see them through to their goals. On-Boarding is a long, and detailed process with many opportunities for errors, however, the Lead Instructors didn’t let one thing slip through the cracks. They were prepared and ready for each new task and handled it beautifully.


CE Registration Team:

Teresa Schmitz, Supervisor Registration Specialist, Continuing Education Operations

Susan Elliott, Lead Registration Specialist, Continuing Education Operations

Jared Anderson, Registration Specialist, Continuing Education Operations

Jill Carr, Registration Specialist, Continuing Education Operations

– Nominated by Leslie Dykstra

The CE Registration team helped JCAE ABE/GED students register for ABE/GED classes through phone-in registration. The team met with Leslie Dykstra, ABE/GED Program Coordinator prior to registration and reviewed and problem-solved through previous issues, they greeted students on the phone and registered them, as well as stayed in constant communication with Leslie to handle any problems. The team then followed-up to make sure every students’ needs were met. They did an amazing job and helped 178 students register for classes.


During the Fall 2021 semester, the virtual Extra Effort Awards will be announced monthly.  The virtual Extra Effort Award nomination form can be found at


Extra Effort & Team Effort Awards – May 28, 2021

Debbie Rulo, Director, Continuing Education Business Development/Partnerships
Liz Loomis, Administrative Assistant Assess/Eval/Instl

– Nominated by Staff Shared Governance Task Force

For the past few months, the Staff Shared governance Task Force has been working on development of the committee purpose, by-laws, and procedures.  Debbie and Liz have devoted many hours leading the task force.  This not only included scheduling and leading meetings, organizing files, and documenting activity as we went through the process, but also included presenting in front of cabinet and meeting separately with team members and leaders on campus.  They have done an excellent job moving this committee forward.

Moving forward, the virtual Extra Effort Awards will be announced bi-weekly.  The virtual Extra Effort Award nomination form can be found at


Team Effort Award:

Congratulations!  To the following group who were nominated for a Team Effort Award! 

Your team was nominated by Gary Cook and is made up of the following people:

Daniel Tamire, Lead Housekeeper, Housekeeping Services
Aaron Manning, Coordinator Housekeeping & Custodial Services, Housekeeping Services
Henry Locke, Custodian, Housekeeping Services
Andre Banks, Custodian, Housekeeping Services
Manuel Chavira, Custodian, Housekeeping Services
Tafere Masresha, Custodian, Housekeeping Services
Mengistu Bekalu, Custodian, Housekeeping Services
Shane Cockrum, Custodian, Housekeeping Services
Dan Bowyer, Custodian, Housekeeping Services
Isaac Jenkins, Custodian, Housekeeping Services
Faye Martin, Supervisor Custodial, Housekeeping Services


On Tuesday, April 20th, OCB 261 & 272 flooded due to construction above them on OCB 3. Many of the faculty offices were near an inch deep in water. Due to our team’s quick action of removing wet furniture, extracting the water from the carpet, placing high air volume fans and dehumidifiers, the carpet was dry the next morning. The team then replaced the furniture and put up the equipment.

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goals(s):

Operational Excellence JCCC reviews the effectiveness of programs, services, and practices as part of an ongoing commitment to operational improvement. The College aligns processes to support the strategic direction of the College and drive efficiency. Through responsible management of resources, the College holds itself accountable to its people and community so that it may remain relevant and innovative.

Strategy 1: Facility Management JCCC enhances its facilities to ensure that relevant functional spaces support students, faculty, and the community.

Strategy 2: Operational Efficiency


Team Effort Award:

Congratulations!  To the following group who were nominated for a Team Effort Award! 

Your team was nominated by Kim Manifold and is made up of the following people:

Nico Attanasio, Student Support Technology Lead, Client Support Services
Chris Graessle, Technology Support Technician, Client Support Services
Ryan McGowan, Technology Support Technician, Client Support Services
Mark Barbosa, Supervisor Technology Support Center, Client Support Services
Kathryn Douglas, Student Support Technician, Client Support Services
Nathan George, Student Support Technician, Client Support Services
Robin Judkins, Senior Net. Analyst /Unified Comm, Network & Data Center Operations


In April, the Technical Support Center (Nico, Chris, Ryan, Mark, Kathryn, and Nathan) assisted students with late evening enrollment for the Summer and Fall semesters. The team assisted students with technical support needs between 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. as students prepared for open enrollment at 9:00 p.m. and throughout the first thirty minutes of enrollment to ensure a great start for enrollment activities and example of teamwork across IS to help students succeed at JCCC. And of course, none of this would be possible without Robin Judkins, who had to manually set the call queue to reopen at the appropriate times.

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goals(s):

Student Success: The comprehensive programs and services at JCCC are aligned to help students reach their diverse educational goals. The College seeks to identify each student’s educational intent and develop pathways for success. Credit and non-credit programs are aligned for transfer, entry into the workforce, or personal interest. Support services are relevant to the evolving needs of students.

Strategy 1: Success Model JCCC enhances a student success model, designed around determining students’ intent when entering the College, with strategies to promote success along the student’s journey

Extra Effort Awards – April 23, 2021

Austin Maxwell, Administrative Assistant, Procurement – Nominated by Lydia Berberich

Austin is super responsive; always accessible on Teams chat or willing to hop on a Zoom to offer immediate assistance. Always willing to help get the job done with a positive attitude…just a great team player since we all aren’t experts in procurement.  Thanks, Austin!

Alicia Bredehoeft, Counselor, Counseling Department – Nominated by Linda Kozacek

Alicia has been very accommodating in working with our students in the Adult Residential Center. She has met with several students through zoom and given them hope to set and reach some new goals once they are released from the residential center. One student told me he had never felt so encouraged.


Moving forward, the virtual Extra Effort Awards will be announced bi-weekly.  The virtual Extra Effort Award nomination form can be found at