Honors Students

Summer 2022

Course Title Subject and Course # CRN Instructor(s) Description
Honors Seminar: Erasures, Absences & Silences HON 100 60858 Anne Dotter The interconnected concepts of erasure, absence and silence offer more than the eye can meet. Indeed, from veal-parchments to contemporary efforts to reuse materials, the fabric of our very culture is made of build-overs, cover-ups, remixes, and other repurposing of what was to make what will be. Incidentally, this is also how knowledge is constructed: from the pieces of thoughts-past without which our present and future could not be. This course aims at scratching the surface to see more of what our complex and layered culture is made of; it will also introduce students to new approaches to what knowledge is, how it is constructed and how to engage critically and creatively in its production. Students will thereby be introduced to the many ways in which honors education allows to think outside the box and to the supportive environment that empowers them to forge your unique path forward. It will also equip them with he tools to ask hard questions, begin to find answers, develop a tolerance for uncertainty, and take on the task of knowledge construction as they embrace the identity of scholar.