Honors Students

Avila University

Do you accept transfer students in your Honors Program/College?

Yes! You must complete at least 2 years in the program, but transfer students are welcome to apply.

How do transfer students apply to your Honors Program/College?

Transfer students are asked to submit two of the following three things:
1. College GPA of 3.5+
2. Letter of recommendation from an academic source
3. Admission essay

What are the selection criteria for your honors program?

Selection is based on meeting the GPA requirement and the strength of the essay/recommendations.

How selective is your program?

Space in the Honors Program is limited and first-come, first-serve for students who qualify. Students who qualify and apply after the program is full will be placed on a wait list.

Does your honors program offer any specific scholarships to honors students?

There is not currently an honors-specific scholarship.

Does your Honors Program offer a seminar or track specific to transfer students? How do you support transfer students in your program?

Not in addition to the general requirement, but all requirements can be completed in two years.

Does your institution offer a Phi Theta Kappa scholarship? If so, how much may transfer students count on? What are the restrictions?

Yes – $500 scholarship for PTK students.

What are your Honors Program/College completion requirements?

  1. Complete two seminars:
    1. HN 180: Honors Seminar 1. Enroll for fall of your first year in the program.
    2. HN 480: Honors Seminar II. Enroll for fall of your last year in the program.
  2. Complete two semesters of Cultural and Community Experiences (CCEs)
    1. See Honors Program Overview for more information. An example end-of-semester presentation can be found here.
  3. Complete five Honors Enhancements (HEs)
    1. These are enhancements you add to existing classes. Any class is eligible so long as it is for-credit and has professor’s approval. Examples include: research papers, additional readings and discussions, research proposals, conference presentations, creative projects.

Do you accept community college honors course credit or experiences toward completion of your Honors Program/College?

Students must take all the enhancements and experiences while enrolled at Avila.

What is the best contact for students who want to learn more?


What is your recommended application deadline?

We currently start accepting students around the time of the general University application, so students who are interested should apply in the summer, however we accept students on a rolling basis.