Honors Students

University of Kansas – Edwards

Do you accept transfer students in your Honors Program/College?


How do transfer students apply to your Honors Program/College?

All transfer and current KU student applications go through a comprehensive review process that considers each applicant’s academic credentials and involvement.

For questions about admissions requirements and applying, contact your honors advisor. Apply by Oct. 31 for spring semester enrollment, or by March 31 for the fall.

An application includes:

  • non-official transcripts or prior admission to KU
  • resume
  • 2-page personal statement

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What are your criteria for selection?

Successful applicants exhibit the qualities we expect out of a University Honors student by earning strong grades, challenging themselves through new experiences, and being actively involved with their current campus community. Most successful transfer and current KU student applicants:

  • have strong college GPAs,
  • are involved in their communities and demonstrate leadership potential,
  • and are prepared to take advantage of the opportunities University Honors can offer.

Applications cannot be reviewed until at least one semester of college grades has been received, and transfer students must have already submitted applications to KU. Additionally, students who have less than four semesters remaining prior to graduating are generally not admitted to the University Honors Program, unless they can demonstrate that they have a plan for completing our curricular requirements within their remaining time at KU.

Does your institution offer a Phi Theta Kappa scholarship? If so, how much may transfer students count on? What are the restrictions?

Yes, $500 non-renewable.

Are transfer students eligible for honors-specific scholarships or awards?

While there are not specific scholarships available upon transfer, students in the program are eligible for Honors Opportunity Awards to help fund experiences like study abroad and are welcome to apply for additional honors scholarships and awards.

What are your Honors Program/College completion requirements?

  1. Honors credits: At least six honors courses totaling 18 credit hours, which includes the honors seminar (HNRS 595 – required for all students). The seminar is the only additional course that a student must enroll in outside their regular degree plan. Courses may include Honors course contracts and graduate level courses (700+).
  2. Four Enhanced Learning Experiences: Students must ultimately complete experiences from four of the eight categories below:
    1. public service,
    2. cultural literacy & social justice,
    3. aesthetic engagement,
    4. professional development & social entrepreneurship,
    5. leadership,
    6. research skills & in-depth learning,
    7. interdisciplinarity & breadth of learning,
    8. student-initiated experience
  3. Maintain a 3.25 minimum cumulative GPA

Do you accept community college honors course credit or experiences toward completion of your Honors Program/College?


  1. Honors credits: Students may transfer up to nine credits of honors from other institutions.
  2. Enhanced Learning Experiences: students can transfer in two Enhanced Learning Experiences from a community college honors program.

What is your recommended timeline to apply?

Apply by Oct. 31 for spring semester enrollment, or by March 31 for the fall.