Honors Students

Reflection form for experiential learning & cultural engagement experiences

All reflections and exploratory experience forms will be submitted through Get Involved. Instructions on how to submit your reflections can be found here. Get Involved should be used for any experiential learning experiences that you complete. i.e. Service learning, leadership roles, cultural engagement experiences, etc.

The reflection will include the following information.

  • Name of Event
  • Sponsor of Event
  • Date of Event
  • Location of Event

In reflecting upon your experience or event, please consider the following selection of prompts: the first list will guide you toward a common essay format; the second list will be better adapted to more creative forms of expression. Both will be treated with equal consideration by reviewers.

Please, read the prompt closely and make sure that you answer all parts of the question in a well-thought-out answer. Give yourself time to proof your short essay: because it is only 500 words, every word counts!

There are two options when submitting the reflection. Examples of the options are below:

Option 1: Submit an essay utilizing one of the essay responses listed below.

  1. Explain how this experience or event challenges your previously held cultural assumptions.
  2. Explain how this experience or event connects to your current scholarship, individual research, and/or personal interest.
  3. Explain how this experience or event informs your current career pursuits.
  4. Explain how someone not familiar with this cultural community should find value in the event.

Essays should be approximately 3000 characters (about 500 words). As with any composition, consider structure, sentence fluency, logical flow of ideas, and proper grammar and punctuation. Be clear, succinct, specific, meaningful, and authentic.


Option 2: The following selections offer different modes of communication from the essay. Though potentially more open in form and delivery, do consider structure, purpose, message, and audience.

  1. Respond to this experience or event by composing a poem. This may follow a traditional poetic form or be more open form.
  2. Record an audio or video file as a personal response to this experience or event. This may resemble episodes of a podcast or clips often broadcast on social media platforms.

Upon completion of your essay or creative entry, please tell us what you are more curious about, now that you have had that experience. Your answer may be a sentence or two.