Johnson County Community College – Computing Sciences and Information Technology Update, November, 2022

Computing Sciences and Information Technology Division – CSIT

Community and Regional Event
On November 18-19, the CSIT division hosted CodeDay, organized by Game faculty Alexa Summers and student Ashraf Musleh. CodeDay is a 24-hour computer programming event designed for students of all ages ranging from middle school to college-age. Workshops were hosted by JCCC volunteers in Construct 3, Unity Engine, and Unreal Engine to teach those with no programming experience. A total of 58 students spent the full 24-hours coding and put together presentations for parents on Sunday morning. Awards were given out by judges to the top-rated creations.

Medical Information & Revenue Management (MIRM)

Special Events
MIRM 148: Medical Coding Internship students participated in the CSIT Reverse Career Fair on Friday, November 11, 2022. Students met with local employers, including Children’s Mercy Hospital and Clinics, Netsmart Technologies, United Health Group, and WellSky. Students had the opportunity to practice their interview skills, including sharing their “elevator pitch,” resume, and LinkedIn profiles. Students concluded the event with new industry connections, much-appreciated advice for the future, and invitations to share their information with company recruiters!

Web Development and Digital Media – WEB

Community Outreach
Johnson County Community College hosted the Olathe 8th Grade Career Expo Event on Nov. 2nd. 8th grade students were given the opportunity to interview individuals representing various industries at the event. The CSIT division had a booth where Whitney Bandel joined other faculty from the division in answering industry questions and providing pamphlets and information about the various programs offered at JCCC.

Whitney Bandel represented the Web Development department at the JCCC CSIT Reverse Career Fair on Nov. 11th. She provided mentorship to students by reviewing resumes, cover letters, and portfolios and answering industry related questions.

Olathe North high school students visited the JCCC campus on Nov. 16th. Web Development chair Whitney Bandel joined CIS chair Suzanne Smith, IT-Networking chair Andrew Lutz, and Game faculty Alexa Summers in giving presentations on their respective disciplines. Students were given a tour of the campus facilities.