Johnson County Community College – Computing Sciences & Information Technology Division Update for December, 2023

Healthcare Information Systems – HCIS

HCIS Adjunct Professor Kim Fuller has been nominated for the Adjunct Faculty Lieberman Teaching Excellence Award.

The University of Kansas Health System featured two CSIT Healthcare Information Systems students in the monthly KU newsletter. The two students recently concluded a 10-week internship program at TUKHS. Matt Smith, System Director of IT Operations and Support, said of the internship program: “This program has really opened my eyes to how important it is to share what we have learned over the years to those just getting started in the industry. It can be so daunting, not knowing where to start, or what ‘Healthcare IT’ even means. This program truly gave our JCCC interns the ability to see many different aspects of healthcare, IT across numerous teams, and how we as IT professionals truly impact the health system, our customers, and indirectly patient care.”

Medical Information & Revenue Management (MIRM)

Special Events

Medical Coding Internship students welcomed Sara Bible, CDI/Coding Manager, Saint Luke’s Health System (SLHS) on Monday, October 23. Ms. Bible discussed the responsibilities of these departments at SLHS, including productivity standards for medical coders. Ms. Bible also discussed the hiring and onboarding processes at SLHS, easing some of the students’ anxiety associated with job search and interview processes with this knowledge.

MIRM faculty participated in the Olathe 8th Grade Career Expo on Wednesday, November 08. Faculty enjoyed the opportunity to meet with students from across the Olathe school district and discuss CSIT program opportunities.

MIRM 148: Medical Coding Internship students participated in the CSIT Reverse Career Fair on Friday, November 10, 2023. Students met with local employers, including Netsmart Technologies and iResQ. Students had the opportunity to practice their interview skills, including sharing their “elevator pitch,” resume, and industry projects. Students concluded the event with new industry connections, much-appreciated advice for the future, and invitations to share their information with company recruiters!

Web Development and Digital Media – WEB

Local Partnership

Following the student internship of Anthony Williams at Sporting Kansas City this semester, Terrance Germany, A/V Manager at Sporting Kansas City and internship supervisor for the class, has joined the WDDM Advisory Board. The department is excited to bring Terrance Germany on board to gain further insights into industry demand for A/V and digital media to enhance the digital media side of our program.