Johnson County Community College – Compuring Sciences & Information Technology July 25, 2018

Update – July, 2018 – Johnson County Community College – Computing Sciences & Information Technology Division –
Health Information Systems (HCIS)
HCIS chair Lori Brooks received a Carl D. Perkins grant for a Population Health Management project. One of the newest trends in the Healthcare Information Systems (HCIS) Program is Population Health. As the industry moves away from volume based care to risk based care, it is important that students understand Population Health management, which is inclusive of the social determinants of health, closing gaps in care, and robust analytics. This project would involve a HCIS faculty member working with a local industry professional to incorporate Population Health unit content and assessments into curriculum.

Medical Information Revenue Management (MIRM)
HCIS chair Lori Brooks and MRIM chair Amanda Kraus received a Carl D. Perkins grant for a labor market data project. To ensure that faculty are well-versed in specific employment opportunities and expectations for students in the Healthcare Information Systems (HCIS) and Medical Information Revenue Management (MIRM) Programs, faculty from those programs would like to collaborate and gather regional and national labor market data. In addition, HCIS and MIRM faculty will conduct visits to local healthcare organizations to build relationships and seek work-based experiences for their students. The goal would be to work to develop industry specific contacts for job shadowing and internship opportunities and create employment pathways for students.

Game faculty Richard Fleming and Steve Smith received a Carl D. Perkins grant for a Game Design Framework Development project. The project will enhance current curriculum and provide unique game design scenarios to challenge the students by creating a framework that enables students to focus more on game design and less on framework development. Creating a standard/uniform framework that all students use for developing game scenarios also enables instructors to be more consistent in grading and evaluation. After being instructed in the use of the framework, students will be capable of developing a small, simple game in the target genre, and the framework would be available to all applicable instructors and classes on campus.

Web Development and Digital Media
The Web program received a KBOR Integrating Academics with Career & Technical Ed. Grant. Students in the Web Development Program have a difficult time translating their understanding of math to JavaScript applications. To address this need among Web Development students, the project will create supplemental online tutorials helping students to see how they can translate their understanding of math to JavaScript programming.