Johnson County Community College – Computing Sciences and Information Technology Division

October, 2018 – Computer Support (CPCA)
In the Summer of 2017, faculty from Personal Computer Applications indicated an interest in delivery of textbooks and course content through the Online Learning System (D2L or Canvas). A pilot was done with a few computer and economic courses in the Fall. It was expanded for Winter Session and expanded again for Spring 2018. The college has branded this DayOne Access. The advantages are that materials are available on the first day of class within the online learning system and are available to students at the lowest cost. Students have the first week of classes to opt out of this delivery at no cost. Students may also pay an additional fee for a printed version as well.

IT-Networking (IT)
Andrew Lutz from the IT-Networking department will be attending a Mentorlinks and Advanced Technological Education conference in Washington, D.C. The conference will provide further opportunities to collaborate with partner institutions and continue innovation in our Cybersecurity program.

Medical Information & Revenue Management (MIRM)
MIRM students participated in Employer Relations Orientation, presented by Linda Dubar, Career Development Center. Students learned about job shadow and internship opportunities offered through the Career Development Center – and how they differ from the internship as part of the MIRM curriculum. Ms. Dubar discussed other services offered through the Career Development Center, including the Job Links tool, mock interviews, networking opportunities, and a list of questions for potential employers. She also discussed the benefits of “knowing your employer” and key pieces of information to research prior to your interview.

MIRM student internships are underway, and include a variety of employers – Lakeview Village, Pulse Systems, and Saint Luke’s Health System.

Mary Brady and Rachel Rader, MIRM graduates (Spring 2018), passed the Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) credentialing exam in September. These credentials are nationally-recognized, awarded by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).