APEX – EHR Conversion Support Consultant

We wanted to pass along a job opportunity from Apex Systems, a leading national IT services firm with a local office here in Kansas City.  Apex has a unique partnership with Cerner (one of the largest global Healthcare IT companies) and is looking to offer recent/upcoming graduates and alumni the opportunity to join their growing Consulting program.  Apex’s partnership with Cerner offers Consultants competitive pay with benefits, reimbursed travel, ongoing training, real-world client implementation experience and the opportunity for top performers to progress in their careers. This is not your traditional 9-5 role and it does require extensive travel for project-based work, so please read the info below carefully before applying.  Interested candidates should submit a video interview application via the link at the bottom, after which Apex will reach out to further discuss next steps.

Position overview

The Conversion Support Consultant is part of a team that serves a critical function for successful healthcare software implementations.  Consultants work side-by-side with physicians, nurses and many other types of healthcare end users to assist with software navigation, technical issues and any other problems that may occur for clients during a Go-Live.  For this reason, strong Conversion Support Consultants possess great problem solving skills, a willingness to be flexible and stay calm under pressure and—most importantly—an ongoing desire to learn new skills and grow professionally.  All new hires go through an upfront training/orientation that teaches the basics they need to know before stepping foot on a client site, but candidates that have backgrounds in healthcare, training/education, IT support and/or customer service may find that experience helpful.  Additionally, Apex offers ongoing Cerner-specific continuing education and potential certification opportunities for top performers to expand their solution skillset and grow their careers.

Why is this role so great?

This a “launching pad” position that provides a wide array of experience and exposure within the healthcare, IT and business/consulting fields, all while establishing and growing a highly marketable skillset in Cerner’s clinical and financial software suites.  Consultants get paid to travel to different parts of the country each week and do important work alongside a great group of colleagues, and Apex supports them and their future career interests every step of the way.

Important to consider

  1. Go Live events take place all over the country, so this position requires travel to the client site when Consultants are assigned to a project.  Sometimes that means near the beach in Florida, other times that means rural Montana in December.  Fortunately, Apex has a team dedicated to making sure Consultant travel itineraries/costs and schedule details are taken care of, so all they have to worry about is providing the best possible client experience when they are on a project.
  2. Apex cannot control when Go Live events happen, which means that there are periods throughout the year when project loads are very heavy (60+ hours weeks for months in a row) and other times where work is slower (there could be weeks—or in extreme cases, months—between projects).  Apex likes to schedule additional solution trainings and certification classes during this downtime to use this time productively, but there still remain inevitable periods where Consultants will be off the schedule.  Historically, the most successful Consultants prepare for this downtime proactively (some use this time to travel with their bulked-up airfare & hotel point balances, some have other jobs/studies/interests to turn to during slower periods).  Apex highly encourages candidates to consider whether a workload that varies throughout the year will work for them and their personal/professional interests before submitting a video interview.

Job Overview:
EHR (Electronic Health Record) Conversion Support Consultants are responsible for supporting client end users–physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals–on a variety of healthcare
software solutions in a group or one-on-one setting during the go-live implementation. The Conversion Support Consultant provides training on software solutions and, thereafter, maintains a
broad understanding of the solutions as well as the learning design best practices. Conversion Support Consultants possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, flexibility and comfort with high-stress situations, the ability to work comfortably with technology, an understanding of the learning process, and a willingness to learn, adapt and problem solve in
client-facing environment.

Responsibilities and Duties:
• Provide one-on-one training and support for software end users and client staff during Go Live
• Support end users with software navigation as it relates to their daily workflow
• Provide support that boosts acceptance and adoption of new software processes
• Troubleshoot and resolve or escalate technical issues that arise during the software implementation
• Provide additional floor support as necessary

• Bachelor’s degree and/or relevant healthcare certifications/licenses

• Previous working experience with one or more of the below:
o Customer-support/customer-service
o Training or education
o IT support or IT experience
o Healthcare

• Previous experience working with EHR systems, preferred but not required
• Previous experience working with physicians, nurses and healthcare staff in an acute or
ambulatory setting, preferred but not required

• Strong communication skills
• Effective problem-solving skills
• Professional appearance
• A willingness to be flexible and stay calm under pressure
• Ability to work independently and as a team to execute job responsibilities with little
on-site supervision
• Ability to respond timely and professionally under tight project deadlines
• An ongoing desire to learn new skills and grow professionally

Work Environment:
Upfront job and software training will be provided on-site in Kansas City. After initial training is completed, the position is 100% travel to healthcare client sites across the USA. Working shifts can vary depending upon client: day-time, night-time and/or weekend shifts. Candidates should possess the ability to be flexible with changing schedule as well as overtime as necessary.

Next steps for interested candidates

Ready to tell Apex more about yourself? Follow this link and you’ll find instructions on how to set up and complete your video interview.  After Apex receives your completed interview, the will review and follow up with next steps.