Mycroft AI – Summer Interns

MyCroft Summer Intern

Based in Lawrence, Kan., Mycroft AI ran the most successful Kickstarter in Kansas history, was the first Kansas company to enter Techstars and is currently completing the 500 Startups program in San Francisco.  We are building the world’s first open vocal computing platform – Think of Mycroft as the open source community’s answer to Siri or Alexa.  We are building an AI for everyone.

According to Mattermark data, Mycroft is the fastest growing company in the 500 Startups cohort.  We are killing it in San Francisco.

We are looking for six (6) smart, energetic and capable students to intern with us this summer in Kansas City.  Are you a student?  Are you smart? You should apply to come work for us.

We are looking for help with:

  • Software development (Python, Java, Machine Learning)
  • Distributed computing support (Cloud infrastructure management)
  • Reporting and business analysis (You can’t change what you can’t measure)
  • Social media marketing (Folks can’t buy what they don’t know about)
  • Design (UX, UI and Industrial) Business support (Back office)
  • Enterprise sales (Lead generation, research)

Pay?  Yes please.  These are paid internships.  For students from out of town we will also provide housing.

Internships start when school is over and end when you go back to school.

Expecting hand holding, make work or video learning tutorials on how to have a work ethic?   Nope.  If you work for us you’ll be accountable for real tasks, you’ll be expected to deliver on time and you’ll stress out about metrics, adoption and messaging along with the rest of us.  Show up on time, ready to work, and expect to stay late.  If you can’t handle that don’t apply.

Want to do real work with a great team in a fast paced startup with roots in Kansas City and operations in sunny San Francisco?  Yep – that’s us.  Apply today. Website: Resumes can be sent direct to:


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